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Kanye West Tears Up On Live Radio. Takes A Moment… (Video)

You know. There were comments on the ‘Tube to bear this out… maybe Yeezy needs to break from all this. For just a while at least. It’s one thing to be a true ‘original thinker’ or societal outsider or enigma. But when that ‘being yourself’ breaks you down like this, whether we judge it to be ‘real enough’ or not #BreakTime

Kanye West Cries On Chicago Radio & Apologize For Slavery Comment
– All Viral Access Media

And if you need the full interview for context, we got that after the jump.

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The [Deep] Dish On Chicago Pizza (Video)

The Chi. Home of the deep dish pizza… inspired by Kate Upton… hahaaaa! But low-key understand the inspiration (well, not so low-key).

Chicago is not a one-note pizza city. From deep dish to tavern style thin, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to pizza. Our host Frank Pinello has never been to Chicago but has an open pizza mind, even though he was raised on NY pizza. What makes this city so special is the people, hands down. So while we hate a lot of great pizza it was the people that really made our experience special. Whether Frank was learning about deep dish from Marc Malnati, making pizza with Rose at Vito & Nick’s or taking a dance lesson with the owner’s of Freddy’s pizza, one thing is clear in Chicago: this city has great pizza and even greater people.
– Munchies

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The Lost Streets Of Chicago (Documentary)

The caution on language for this BBC documentary. If that is what folks fret most about this video, then maybe they should not watch. Just saying, if harsh words make you cringe, you cannot possibly take an expose of the harsh reality Chicagoans face. Worse, if you are MORE affected by the language than the subject matter, you fail as a human.

Know what. Watch either way. We must do better. But first, we must not shy away. Otherwise, our great city will be lost.

Killings in Chicago have hit a 20-year high as the grim toll for homicides passes 500. The BBC’s Ian Pannell and Darren Conway explore a world where gangs and guns rule.
– BBC News

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Eye Candy: Ashanti On Stage In Chicago… Still Hot AF! (Video)

Any YouTube search for Ashanti videos from back in the Murder Inc. heyday will have you realizing, “Hey, Ashanti was pretty damn HOT!” But time touches us all with the wobble and wrinkle wand. True that true beauty never fades, but the sizzling hot sexy Ashanti we knew from the Golden Era into the turn of the 21st Century… that face, that body, that syrupy voice all epitomizing ultimate sex appeal… She can’t have all that still popping, right?

Well, hell yes she can! Press play to watch a piece of her live on stage in The Chi. Looking soooo delicious you want her for ummm… lunch. With noontime Honey. Enjoy!


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Lando Chill talks new album & label signing at Secret Stages (Video: Interview/Performance)

Here at we love Music Festivals and discovering new talent.  So I was invited to cover Secret Stages 2016 a Music Discovery Festival in Birmingham, AL.  This is a two day festival with over 75 acts performing on multiple stages.  One of the artists I was looking forward to was Lando Chill a young talented Rapper, Singer, Songwriter.  He is Chicago born and raised now living in Tuscon and recently signed with Mello Music Group.  I caught up with him before his show and discussed his style, inspiration and putting new album out.  I also have some live footage of his showcase that I caught while in Birmingham.  His new album just released today “For Mark, Your Son” on Mello Music Group available on all digital outlets.  I had the pleasure to discover him and his music after this interview you will want to discover more of his music as well.


-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Best Pizza: Serving Chicago Style In Brooklyn (Video)

Frank Pinello travels the world eating great pizza and meeting the chefs who make it on MUNCHIES’ digital series The Pizza Show. On this episode of Daily VICE, Pinello takes us to his Brooklyn restaurant Best Pizza to show us how to whip up a classic deep-dish pie inspired by the late Chicago pizza legend Burt Katz.

(That is looking hella good. Gotta go find some dinner!)

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Mick Jenkins – “Your Love” (Video)

So much creativity is coming out of Chicago right now.  Mick Jenkins is one of the artists that is making this statement true.  His latest project Wave[s] is out now and one of my favorite tracks is “Your Love”.  So I was pleased to see that he did a visual for it and he keeps the creativity going doing a 70’s tribute.  From the fashion to cars in the video it is a playful video with beautiful women who are not dancing around in thongs.  Just a fun loving video for a good feeling track.

Have a Dream in New Orleans, Fall in Love in Chicago

CLICK HERE FOR PREVIOUS POST: Mick Jenkins ” P’s & Q’s” Video Produced by Kaytranada

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Producers ‘Christian Rich’ Bring out Vince Staples during their DJ Set @ Mixmag Lab LA (Video)

When it comes to Chicago, Kanye is not the only producer out here making consistent heat.  Taiwo & Kehinde Hassan are Chicago born but of Nigerian descent who are blood brothers who make up the production duo Christian Rich.  If you are not familiar with the name sure you will know the siblings’ resume.  They have hits they created for Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same’, J.Coles ‘Born Sinner’, Childish Gambino’s ‘Because The Internet’ and Earl Sweatshirt’s ‘Doris’.  Recently they were invited to play a live set in LA for Mixmag Lab that consisted of Hip Hop, House, Dance and Electronic music during the mix.  During their set they brought out current XXL freshman and West Coast emcee Vince Staples who is making a lot of noise right now.  He performs on a new track that the duo produced with Vince rapping on it.

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Jeremih Returns On The Bus Through His Chicago Neighborhood (Video)

Incredible. Jeremih was steady going to school, just living day-to-day on the Southside of Chicago… and already had the hit record! In this vid, J takes us back to his old stomping grounds. We meet his family, walk through his old hood, and end up catch the same bus he used to catch.

(Footnote: He hasn’t rode a bus since.)

Good viewing. Hit play.

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Kanye West Rocks ‘AAHH! Fest’ (Chicago) [Video]

It’s been said, “You can’t be a hero in your hometown.” Don’t know how many times it was said to Kanye West. No one is saying it now. Check out Kanye doing a full set at the AAHH Fest in Chicago. Common put it on. Gonna be an annual thing. Only right he joins Yeezy on stage for the shut down song, “Get ‘Em High.”

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Chicago: Landmark Overlook Glass Ledge Suddenly Cracks, Startling Tourists (Video)

Friends of mine who’ve been to Chicago (Illinois, USA) say going out onto the glass ledge on Willis Tower’s Observation Deck – and looking out and down on the cityscape – is a ‘must do’ item for your bucket list. Well, I am going to leave that to them; especially after hearing about the ledge’s cracking as tourists were on it.

Cracked? Oh… heyull naaawww! But wait, wait. Architectural engineer Michael Swanberg said

“Because you can see through it, obviously there’s the psychological effect that ‘oh my gosh, something broke.’ But nobody was ever in danger.”

See (above), nothing to worry about. They even replaced that glass that cracked. So, y’all can feel safe going back out onto the ledge when you go to Chi-town. Cool.

Oh…Me? When am I going? How ’bout NEVERary the 32nd? Ha! I wasn’t ever going to step out there in the first place; even when the ledge was “totally safe.” But you tell me how fun it was, okay?


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Common Tells CNN About His Nonprofit To Aid Chicago’s Youth (Video)

No secret that Common loves Chicago, the kids, and esp. Chicago’s kids. Even the city’s mayor knows (watch the clip above).

Grammy-winning rap artist Common tells CNN’s Brooke Baldwin about his non-profit foundation, benefiting Chicago’s youth.

Hmm… says he’s no politician… but a well-known figure, willing to serve and campaigning for a cause (see the links to earlier posts below) rather than for himself… we could do worse. Salute, Common!


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‘Chi Raq’ Documentary Highlights Chicago Death Tolls That Mirror Iraq & Double That Of Afghanistan (Video)

“Chi Raq” is a compelling video portrait of life in South and West Chicago by London filmmaker Will Robson-Scott. Shout out to my homie Hustle Simmons who appears in the mini-documentary/video portrait to speak on his own personal loss & offered some positive words about the escalating problem in Chicago.

“For the past decade, Chicago has been enduring a violence epidemic, with a death toll in the thousands and casualties mirroring the losses experienced by the US Army in Iraq war over the same period. Allowing its subjects to take center stage and tell their stories in their own words, Robson-Scottʼs film is unflinchingly honest in its depiction of life on the streets of one of the most dangerous cities in America.”

– Protein TV

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Mobb Deep 20th Anniversary Show In Chicago (Video)

See? This is why I never really bought into that ‘Mobb Deep is breaking up’ bullsh!t. Given 20 years together, brothers are gonna fight. But brothers are gonna work it out! Now… watch ’em work it out on stage. Prodigy and Havoc doing the damn thing at their 20th Anniversary Tour Show in Chicago. Above: Footage of the duo doing some of their hits in front of an enthusiastic Chi-town crowd at The Double Door. – Ojones1

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The Primeridian x Tall Black Guy (Darling Lure) – “Hang On” (Video)

These cats ride the track so smoothly. The Primeridian and Tall Black Guy, together known as Darling Lure, appear in this video for the single “Hang On” from the self-titled album (Darling Lure”, available on iTunes).


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Kids These Days – “Flashing Lights” (Revised) [Video]

Here is a video for the Kids These Days (KTD) version of “Flashing Lights.” The talented anti-style alt-Hip-Hop band has artfully flipped Kanye West’s song and redelivered it as a brooding story about police harassment.

Cool…but what do you mean when you speak of KTD’s anti-style, ojones1? Well, it is the best descriptor I could assign a band that defies conventional description. However, I did some digging; so you could at least understand KTD and why they are so hard to categorize…and you’re welcome.


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Phife Dawg, Maseo Of De La Soul, & Skilled B-Boys Represent For Puma At ‘The Mid’ In Chicago (Video)

On March 2nd in Chicago, Puma held a special B-Boy competition & in-store with Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest, Maseo Of De La Soul, & live instrumentalist, DJ, & producer AraabMuzik.  Phife Dawg took the time to sign autographs for fans before launching into a 7-8 song performance at The Mid & was later joined by Maseo of De La Soul who hopped on stage to rock with Phife for a few joints. DJ Rasta Root served as the DJ for the evening alongside Maseo before producer AraabMuzik performed a set doing live beat creations & remixes on his beat machine. The video directed by Konee Rock is expertly edited but condensed down & many parts of what took place that night were left on the digital cutting room floor.  Overall the turnout was great & it was definitely a good day in Chi-town.

Kanye West Returns To ‘The Chi’ (Video)

Kanye West returns to his old neighborhood in Chicago during the Watch The Throne tour with Jay-Z. He speaks on people, places, & things from his childhood & also runs into Spike Lee back stage at the show who gave some words of encouragement & appreciation.
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Rashid Hadee – Leakage The PrEP

Chicago MC/producer Rashid Hadee is prepping a new album entitled Aural Sex: The Search for Pinky Tuscadero but before we get that here is a free EP to set up the release of the project. This joint has some really dope beats and rhymes. Check it Out!!

Rashid Hadee – The Dreamer (Trailer)

We posted this single from Chicago Producer and Emcee Rashid Hadee a minute ago but now we get the trailer for a video that will be dropping soon and word that this song will be on an album he is dropping that has yet to be titled. I can’t wait for some new Hadee!