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Kevin Hart & Baker Mayfield Talk Off-Field In A ‘Cold As Balls’ Ice Bath (Video)

‘BM’… ‘Bowel Movement’… ’cause you the sh!t…

Okay, Kevin. Leave the nickname game to someone else. Baker will not be going with ‘BM’ for now (or ever). Watch him tell his story, and get to take a ‘BM’ on Texas Tech for blocking his transfer in the college days. Haha!

Football star Baker Mayfield steps into the #ColdAsBalls tub! He tells Kevin Hart about his rise to football superstardom, winning the Heisman trophy and getting drafted by the Cleveland Browns.
– LOL Network

(BWAAAAHAHAAA! Kev said a lot of them Cleveland Browns fans look ‘defeated in the face.’)

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Comedy: Kevin Hart And Nerlens Noel Chillin’ In The “Cold As Balls” Ice Tubs (Video)

See there, Philly? It’s all about the X-Box? Don’t worry about the multi-million dollar weight room. Get some more X-Boxes so you can keep the Noels of the world on the squad happy when you get ’em!

Kevin Hart and Nerlens Noel on Love Lost and Traded.
– Laugh Out Loud Network

Bwaahaaaa! Why did Kevin have to holler to drop down in the ice bath though? He ought to be used to it by now, right?

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Dallas Mavericks’ Chandler Parsons Speaks On Facing Kobe Bryant One More Time, The ‘Deandre Jordan Situation’ And More (Video)

After signing a contract with Mark Cuban at a Dallas night club, Chandler Parsons became the Mavericks’ chief recruiter for Deandre Jordan. That… didn’t quite work out. In this Ride Along, Chandler recounts the tug-of-war over his longtime friend, his growth from a petulant and overlooked kid at the University of Florida to a respected NBA veteran, and his thoughts on facing Kobe one last time at the Staples Center.

(VICE Sports with another good clip. Parsons’ pre-game prep music selection though… Kobe’s in trouble after that sh!t. Hahaaaaa!)

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Mark Cuban Calls Out ESPN’s Skip Bayless & Other Sportswriters For Their Lack Of Research (Video)

I’ve said this many times via twitter that NBA analysts & sportswriters like Skip Bayless don’t do enough research but always speak in broad generalities about sports. The unfortunate thing about when this happens is there are some people that listen to these guys who make no freakin’ sense at all. Billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban appeared on ESPN’s First Take & damn near reduced Skip Bayless to what should be his real name “Skip Baseless” because rarely anything he ever says is rooted in fact but only on how he feels it should be. I believe one of the primary reasons for the Lebron James hate around the country is caused by casual sports fans listening to guys like Skip Baseless. Check out part two of this interview below where Mark Cuban gives it to Stephen A. Smith a little too…..
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