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Kevin Hart & Baker Mayfield Talk Off-Field In A ‘Cold As Balls’ Ice Bath (Video)

‘BM’… ‘Bowel Movement’… ’cause you the sh!t…

Okay, Kevin. Leave the nickname game to someone else. Baker will not be going with ‘BM’ for now (or ever). Watch him tell his story, and get to take a ‘BM’ on Texas Tech for blocking his transfer in the college days. Haha!

Football star Baker Mayfield steps into the #ColdAsBalls tub! He tells Kevin Hart about his rise to football superstardom, winning the Heisman trophy and getting drafted by the Cleveland Browns.
– LOL Network

(BWAAAAHAHAAA! Kev said a lot of them Cleveland Browns fans look ‘defeated in the face.’)

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Former NFL Receiver Josh Gordon On Trying To Beat Drug Addiction, Again. But This Time With A ‘Brutal Dose Of Reality’ (Documentary)

Man. To be this real about his process so far. At this point, after Gordon has had Lindsey Lohan-level amounts of second chances to get over his drug problems… After EVERYONE has written him off… Doing this video expose. Respect for that, at least.

Back at the gym and on track to return to the NFL, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon reveals details of the substance abuse violation in 2014 that has prevented him from playing professionally ever since.
– Uninterrupted

All the best to the former Brown. Complete the comeback, Gordon. Push yourself. Push through!

(Compelling story to watch.)

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