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2 Chainz & Mark Cuban Check Out The Most Expensivest Horses (Video)

Wait, wait, WAIT! A treadmill for horses… for $40,000… shiiiiiiid… I guess Chainz & Cuban got bank like that. As soon as I hear that kind of ridiculous expensiveness, I’m out #ImNoHorseGuy

2 Chainz is joined by Dallas Mavericks owner and featured ‘Shark Tank’ guest Mark Cuban to hang out at the Dallas Equestrian Center, home of the best horse trainers in the country. That’s right, they’re checking out the most expensivest horses. Also, if you’re interested, The Horse Gym 2000, the premier treadmill for horses, can be yours for just $40K.
– GQ

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Dope Conversation Between Mark Cuban & Uncle Snoop (Video)

It’s love-hate with me with Mark Cuban… It was love until he went in with all that Pittsburgh Steeler fandom. Now, I have no beef with the Steelers, for the most part, but in the 70s (what Cuban’s gushing about)… they kept the Houston Oilers out of the Super Bowl. And I am an OILER fan for LIFE!

Earl Campbell, Bum Phillips, Oilers. Shout to my FAMILY, cornerback Ezekiel “Zeke” Moore, Oilers. Billy “White Shoes” Johnson went to the Atlanta Falcons, so I watched the Falcons for a while, Oilers. Jerry Glanville used to coach the Falcons and I swore the Durty Bird jerseys turned baby blue, Oilers.

Yeah, I love the OILERS (not the Titans, not the Texans, old school Houston)! And the Steelers did not. Dammit!

*Sigh* But Mean Joe Green was a mean muddah suckah though. And the Eye Candy is cute (a bit “confused” but hella cute). Okay, the Cuban episode gets a pass Snoop.


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Billionaire ‘Shark Tank’ Investor Mark Cuban Takes A Hard Look At President Trump’s First Days (Video)

I will admit: It will be hard for me to balance the passion and political savvy it takes to show love for my country. You have to be involved with something, passionately involved, to really show that you are in LOVE with it, right? Okay, then. I love this country. I show it with passion, warts and all. I did so at the ballot box last year, and things did not go my way. I felt the Bern and got burnt. Pulled for Hillary, but got Trumped.

Bitter, sure. Beaten, no. I’m an American. Even when we take an L we don’t take defeat. So, where are we now? In the first weeks of Donald Trump’s Presidency. Lots of folks are speaking up. Passionately. And we have to talk. It just can’t all be hate and futility. That is, in part, why I had to ‘re-title’ the YouTube video above. In it, Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban says WAY more than ‘Trump set the bar low.’ There is actually some thought mixed into the rant. Take a listen.

We will not agree on everything, on that we can agree. But here is something on which we must agree: I will listen to you, and you to me. Most of all, to you who did NOT vote…I am listening.

(If we are really honest, that might be what got us to this point in history. So, let’s listen. Starting with this fiery Cuban commentary.)


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Dallas Mavericks’ Chandler Parsons Speaks On Facing Kobe Bryant One More Time, The ‘Deandre Jordan Situation’ And More (Video)

After signing a contract with Mark Cuban at a Dallas night club, Chandler Parsons became the Mavericks’ chief recruiter for Deandre Jordan. That… didn’t quite work out. In this Ride Along, Chandler recounts the tug-of-war over his longtime friend, his growth from a petulant and overlooked kid at the University of Florida to a respected NBA veteran, and his thoughts on facing Kobe one last time at the Staples Center.

(VICE Sports with another good clip. Parsons’ pre-game prep music selection though… Kobe’s in trouble after that sh!t. Hahaaaaa!)

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Mark Cuban Calls Out ESPN’s Skip Bayless & Other Sportswriters For Their Lack Of Research (Video)

I’ve said this many times via twitter that NBA analysts & sportswriters like Skip Bayless don’t do enough research but always speak in broad generalities about sports. The unfortunate thing about when this happens is there are some people that listen to these guys who make no freakin’ sense at all. Billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban appeared on ESPN’s First Take & damn near reduced Skip Bayless to what should be his real name “Skip Baseless” because rarely anything he ever says is rooted in fact but only on how he feels it should be. I believe one of the primary reasons for the Lebron James hate around the country is caused by casual sports fans listening to guys like Skip Baseless. Check out part two of this interview below where Mark Cuban gives it to Stephen A. Smith a little too…..
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Mark Cuban Gets Upset With Reporter When Focus Keep Shifting On Lebron James (Video)

I have to agree with Mark Cuban that the Dallas Mavericks earned their respect & are the 2011 NBA Champions, but reporters kept worrying about Lebron James. In this video clip that may have gone under the radar, Mark Cuban let a reporter know ‘Who gives A F*ck About Lebron James…it’s about the accomplishments of the Dallas Mavericks.