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45 King & Kid Capri DJ’ing Out The Back Of A Car (Video)

Scored this 45 King ‘Making The Beat’ episode for you. DJ lifestyle to the extreme. Now… you know you can record that live DJ mix to CD (or MP3 or whatever you kids have nowadays) and boom out the back of the vehicle… BUT… What if you knew a DJ cool enough to have the live mix setup in the back of the vehicle? Well, DJ Mark The 45 King did that in the coolest way. And DJ Kid Capri was more than happy to jump on the new playset and take the thing for some spins!

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Making The Beat: The 45 King Welcomes Large Professor And Operator EMZ (Video)

Great talk with Large Professor and Operator EMZ on the latest Making The Beat episode. Producing, DJ sets, 45s + other vinyl gems and more get touched on in the on-cam at-the-mic discussion with The 45 King. Looks like there’ll at least be a ‘part 2’ to this goodness, as this is ‘part 1.’ Watch and enjoy.

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The Boiler Room: The 45 King Outtakes (Video)

A real DJ applauds the work of others. In case you’re not knowing, DJ Mark The 45 King is worthy of a standing ovation…whether you are a DJ or not. It should be enough of a cue that this is recommended viewing, per tweet from the DJ Premier.

The Boiler Room is visiting The 45 King in his New Jersey castle. Click play… then hold your applause till the end so you don’t miss anything. And this is outtake video. Dope!

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DJ Premier x DJ Mark The 45 King: Making The Beat (Video)

Two of hip hop’s most legendary producers, DJ Premier & Mark The 45 King, have a pow-wow of sorts on production techniques, hip hop history, life, the passing of Heavy D & more on Mark The 45 King’s online show “Making The Beat”. More video under the hood….
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