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Performance: KRS-ONE Live In Concert (3/12/2020) [Video]


It’s The Teacha himself coming to bless the mic and stage. But lets start with some turntable masters – Teacha’s assistants, let’s say – the legendary DJ Scratch and the Legendary Kiiiiid Capri! Enjoy this hour-strong liveness!

KRS-ONE shows this New York crowd why he is Number ONE, two, three, four AND five!


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RJ Payne – “The Ghost Of Big L” (Hosted By Kid Capri) [Prod. By Pa. Dre] (Mixtape)

Score for RJ Payne! Of all the themes & centerpieces for a Hip-Hop mixtape… Big L… YES! Lots of folks checking in on the recording of this (stream the whole thing for FREE above). Worth checking for “The Ghost Of Big L” now!

(AND Kid Capri hosting for an ultimate co-sign. Dope!)


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In The Game For Years, Kid Capri Lets Us Know That There Are Rules To This (Video)

It’s the Kiiiiid Capri! If you know the bro, you know how to yell out the name. And if you know a young’n who is not up on Kid, sit ’em down and school ’em with this interview. Plus, learn some goings on about Capri you might not know. I did…

Kid Capri Breaks Down Funk Flex Beef And The Unwritten Rules Of DJing
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Fair warning: Kid keeps it cordial, but very real about how he feels! Feelings might get hurt.


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Troy Ave – “A Bronx Tale” (Video)

That Brooklyn Bwoy Troy Ave may represent heavy for his New York City borough, but he just dropped a brand new video shot in Miami & produced by a world famous black & italian DJ from the Bronx. I love when Troy Ave flows over the right type of beats like this one that the world famous DJ Kid Capri crafted. It sounds similar to one of my favorite tracks from Troy Ave called “My Grind” that dropped a year ago. In case you didn’t know, the street inspired “A Bronx Tale” appears on Troy Ave’s latest release “Major Without A Deal” project that’s out now.


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45 King & Kid Capri DJ’ing Out The Back Of A Car (Video)

Scored this 45 King ‘Making The Beat’ episode for you. DJ lifestyle to the extreme. Now… you know you can record that live DJ mix to CD (or MP3 or whatever you kids have nowadays) and boom out the back of the vehicle… BUT… What if you knew a DJ cool enough to have the live mix setup in the back of the vehicle? Well, DJ Mark The 45 King did that in the coolest way. And DJ Kid Capri was more than happy to jump on the new playset and take the thing for some spins!

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DJ Kid Capri on ‘The Round Up with Shaheem Reid’ (Video)

Over 30 years of deejaying is lot of ground to cover on this episode of The Round Up. So, host Shaheem Reid gets right to it with the legendary Dr. Spank DJ Kid Capri. The two reminisce, dig in the crates, and comment(ate) at Scratch DJ Academy. Talk on the mixtape game, favorite career moments, the present and the future make for a full 20 minutes of good viewing.

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Crate Diggers: Kid Capri (Video)

Show the skills at the start. Like that! In this episode of Fuse TV’s Crate Diggers, the legendary Kid Capri speaks on his funk and soul days (the 1970s, when he came up, including his love of James Brown and Michael Jackson, his break and sample sources, and shows us the first record he scored back in 6th grade. Kid Capri… aka ‘Poochie’ rocked the house way back then, too… Hahaa!

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Classic Clips: Lamont “Big L” Coleman (May 30, 1974 – February 15, 1999)

This is one of my favorite joints from the late Children of the Corn and D.I.T.C emcee Big L, “Put it On” produced by the ever hype Deejay Kid Capri.It is a bit disheartening that his murder still remains unsolved , as he was destined for mega success as rumors of a Rock-A-Fella signing loomed. In my opinion had Big L singed with “The Roc” Jay Z might not have been what he is now, with L at the time being the more polished and lyrically gifted emcee(check any of the old freestyle with the 2, Jigga is fighting to keep up with Big L most of the time). With all passings of our legends lets focus more on uplifting and appreciating our greats while they are still alive…..