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All Vinyl Everything: DJ Jaycee’s Birthday Edition (July 2014) by @KoolKila

DSC09515They rock your radios, festivals, weddings, and parties in the park and all types of venues after dark… and do we recognize them; esp. those at the heart of our life and art. We hope y’all do; because we do! Respect, Happy Birthday, and many happy returns to the homie DJ Jaycee. All Vinyl Everything (AVE) definitely recognized. Put the brother’s b-day in the event byline and made an event of it.

Traditionally, All Vinyl Everything is monthly event that has been showcasing DJs playing vinyl records in Atlanta, GA. Creators (and hosts) DJ Dibiase and Sean Falyon have presented the event for the past two years, FREE of charge to the public (that’s love). DJs each do a 30-minute set, playing whatever genre of music they desire (let ’em work). This one went down at Noni’s Bar & Deli, downtown.

The July party was a celebration for DJ Jaycee’s birthday, one of the very first DJs to help jump start AVE (that’s love shown). DJ Jaycee selected some of his veteran DJ friends to play, including DJ Applejac, DJ Big X, Supa Funkregulata Celo, DJ Babey Drew, DJ Wally Sparks, DJ Kerosene, DJ Ghost, and more. See the birthday boy focused above? He’s happy though, trust. A real DJ in his element at a worthwhile event. We have more spinners’ pics after the jump.

Hate you missed the festivities? Jaycee has another b-day coming. But no need to wait for that occasion to get down at an AVE. For upcoming events, follow All Vinyl Everything on the twitter account, @AllVinylATL. Be in the know and ready to go when you get info. Come out, support good music (Hip-Hop, R&B, and much more). Doing it for you.

(And this time, for DJ Jaycee!)

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The ‘Scratch DJ Academy’ Opens up a New School Chapter In Atlanta (The @KoolKila Report)

DSC09288After three years of consideration and strategic planning, the world-renown Scratch DJ Academy has now opened a new school chapter in Atlanta, GA. Saturday, February 15th, Scratch DJ Academy held an open house for it’s new facility located within the SAE Institute. The event was packed with aspiring students, industry professionals and music enthusiasts of all kinds. Founded in 2002 in New York City, NY, by Jam Master Jay (hip hop pioneer and DJ for Run DMC), Scratch DJ Academy continues to attract individuals interested in learning the fundamentals of DJing. Several chapters have already been established in the United States, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and now Atlanta. After students successfully complete courses, they can receive certification for their education. Professionals already established in the business can also take courses to update themselves about the latest technologies for DJs. Hosted by instructor DJ Hapa and other academy employees, visitors were able to see the musical gear used in classes, meet new employees, and witness live DJ performances. DJ Hapa also hosted a panel discussion to introduce a few of the instructors for the school, including Atlanta veterans DJ Jaycee, DJ Jelly, and DJ Sky. Another contemporary favorite in Atlanta, DJ Sofa King Evil, was on hand to introduce himself as well. Classes are slated to begin in March. For more information, visit: Also email at



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Crate Diggers: Evidence Shows Off His Vinyl Collection (Video)

Newcleus?! What’chu know about Newcleus y’all? Wow. Well, in this episode of Fuse’s Crate Diggers, emcee/DJ Evidence talks about working with Kanye West, trying to work with Jay Z (on “The Black Album”)… and about Newcleus.

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Crate Diggers: Tony Touch (Video)

In this episode of Crate Diggers, DJ Tony Touch chats about his early gigs, channeling Afrika Bambaataa for his cover art for “The PieceMaker 3: Return of the 50 MC’s,” and shows off a DEEP archive of alphabetized Hip-Hop, comedy records and more.


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Tony Touch’s 50 Classic Clips: Busta Rhymes & Ol Dirty Bastard Freestyling Back In 1994 (Video)

The legendary DJ Tony Touch is gearing up to release his long-awaited project “The Piecemaker 3 (Return Of The 50 Mcs)” due July 9th.  People still talk about Tony Toca’s original 50 Mc’s mixtapes to this day & I’ve often overheard artists asking why Tony doesn’t start it back up again when people focused intently on who had the hottest bars.  It’s great to see the Brooklyn Puerto Rock get back on it again.  During the 50 days leading up to the release of the new project, Tony Touch will be dropping webisodes of classic & never seen before footage up until the July 9th which is the release date of his new project.  In this first episode Tony Touch captures video of Busta Rhymes, Ol Dirty Bastard, CL Smooth, Rampage, & 8 Off The Assassin back in 1994 at the Gavin Convention in New Orleans.  Classic

Dimelo! Dimelo! Dimelo!

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Crate Diggers: Kid Capri (Video)

Show the skills at the start. Like that! In this episode of Fuse TV’s Crate Diggers, the legendary Kid Capri speaks on his funk and soul days (the 1970s, when he came up, including his love of James Brown and Michael Jackson, his break and sample sources, and shows us the first record he scored back in 6th grade. Kid Capri… aka ‘Poochie’ rocked the house way back then, too… Hahaa!

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Crate Diggers: DJ Babu (Video)

“It’s like all the records got up and died and went to Japan.” – DJ Babu

Whatchu talkin’ ’bout Babu? Watch this episode of Crate Diggers and see.

‘In this episode, Dilated Peoples and World Famous Beat Junkies member DJ Babu talks about his love of country western music and hitting up flea markets in Brazil with Cut Chemist and J. Rocc.’ – Crate Diggers

And he shows us the vinyl collection. It’s D.I.T.C. TV!
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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 8: From Russia With Love – DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

The magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff returns with episode 8 of his web series ‘Vinyl Destination’. After completing his tour of the the Middle East in episode 7, the world traveling producer & spinmaster arrives in Europe for a series of dates in Paris & Norway before running into a few issues in Russia but it was all love.  We’d like call this episode ‘From Russia With Love’ for DJ Jazzy Jeff.  Yippee Kai-Yay Mother Russia!


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Crate Diggers: J Dilla (Video)

“In this episode, we celebrate legendary producer J Dilla, who has worked with The Roots, Common, Erykah Badu, Janet Jackson and A Tribe Called Quest. Then we join musician friends J. Rocc, DJ Spinna, Frank Nitt and Grap Luva in Detroit to open Dilla’s storage locker, never-before-seen to the public. Crate Diggers profiles people with extraordinary vinyl record collections, with owners displaying and telling the stories behind their collections.” – Fuse TV

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DJ Jazzy Jeff Speaks With More Than His Hands On Seattle’s Sunday Sound Session (Video)

“While in Seattle to judge the Red Bull Thre3style Regional Finals, the magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff sat down with DJ Hyphen and J. Moore from KUBE 93.3 FM’s Sunday Night Sound Session on 2/25/13. The trio discussed all things related to DJ’ing, from Jeff’s background to how he became one of the most in-demand DJ’s in the world, including his philosophy on a DJ’s responsibility, the rise of DJ’s in popular music (while it seems to wither within hip-hop), and whether or not “real DJ’s” should take requests. He also told stories about the early days of his work with Will Smith, transitioning from rocking parties in Philly with the Fresh Prince to selling millions of albums and touring worldwide.”KUBE Sound Session
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Vinyl Destination | Episode VI: DJ Jazzy Jeff Tours The Middle East (Video)

The magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff is back with another episode of his Vinyl Destination series. Now that he’s finished showing us what life was like on the road in Asia during the previous few episodes, this time Philly’s finest takes his fans on a trip with him to the middle east. Check out the video as DJ Jazzy Jeff hits the middle eastern countries of Bahrain & Qatar while also meeting up with his friend & fellow world famous DJ by the name of Tony Touch while out on tour.

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Marley Marl Recreates The ‘Classic Recipe’ For MC Shan’s ‘The Bridge’ (Video)

In this episode of Classic Recipes, the legendary producer explains and demonstrates how he created the beat for MC Shan’s “The Bridge,” one of the most memorable beats in hip hop history. As always, along with the beat programming tips and composition/production techniques he also gives us the lowdown on where and when the music was originally created.

Marl recalls the moment he first met MC Shan and recorded “Marley Marl Scratch,” and also remembers when legendary rap radio personality Mr. Magic rejected a Boogie Down Productions record that was submitted for airplay on WBLS-FM, later resulting in the feud between the South Bronx crew and Marl’s Juice Crew.

“The Bridge” was originally created using the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer and the Korg SDD-2000 Sampling Digital Delay. Marley Marl programmed the beat by triggering drum sounds (the kick and snare) from the TR-808 into the SDD-2000, giving the track a unique sound and feel.

In this video he recreates the beat using the Akai MPC Renaissance; instead of just sampling The Honey Drippers’ track “Impeach The President” intro drum beat, Marley completely reprogrammed the beat from the kick and snare right down to the “Ladies and gentlemen” voice intro. Along with adding some ghost notes, he reversed The Magic Disco Machine’s “Scratching'” record to create the stabs and gritty noises you hear at the beginning of “The Bridge.” – Dubspot

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Ali Shaheed Speaks On His Life, A Tribe Called Quest Rumors, J Dilla, & The Importance Of Questioning Everything (Video)

Ali Shaheed Muhammad of the legendary A Tribe Called Quest heads north of the border with the brothers from Montreality for an in-depth interview on a variety of topics from his life growing up, the passing of his former manager & friend Chris Lighty, the genius of J Dilla, his upcoming solo album, his opinions on cartoons like Bugs Bunny & the importance of why you must question everything in life. This was another great & insightful interview the Montreality crew conducted with the homie Ali Shaheed….
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Vinyl Destination | Episode V: DJ Jazzy Jeff Gets Lost In Asia (Video)

The World Famous DJ Jazzy Jeff finishes up his Asian tour with his crew after hitting various cities in Thailand & finishing up in Tokyo. There was a short scare for everyone when the world famous DJ played a game of ‘Where’s Waldo?’ after he went missing almost before showtime in Japan. Not sure if it’s a joke or not, but in a rather ironic twist of things the cameras catch DJ Jazzy Jeff in a record store with an image of someone else impersonating DJ Jazzy Jeff & selling his mixes in Japan.

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Crate Diggers: DJ Rhettmatic Shows Off His Vinyl Collection (Video)

In this episode of Fuse TV’s Crate Diggers, DJ Rhettmatic shows off his favorite records, including a rare promotional copy of Prince’s “The Family.” He also shares the history of the Beat Junkie crew wearing Green Lantern rings.

[WOW! The ONLY way I got a a piece of a copy of “The Family” was holding a micro-cassette recorder up to the TV speakers to record off BET! – @ojones1]

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Vinyl Destination | Episode III – The Magnificient ‘DJ Jazzy Jeff’ Visits Singapore, Manila, & Indonesia (Video)

One of the world’s greatest DJs, the magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff, returns with episode three of his web series “Vinyl Destination”. In this episode DJ Jazzy Jeff along with his emcee Skillz & crew hit an Adidas in-store event in Manila, rock a party with the Black Eyed Peas’ bandmember Apl.De.Ap, & appear to run into a little trouble upon touching down in Indonesia.

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Vinyl Destination | Episode Two – DJ Jazzy Jeff Visits Hong Kong & Shanghai China (Video)

“To continue with DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Vinyl Destination series, here is the second installment, Vinyl Destination: Episode 2. In this episode DJ Jazzy Jeff and his team explore the streets and city life of Hong Kong. Please enjoy another 15 minutes of fun, music, and entertainment. Most importantly, we hope you all continue on this musical journey around the world with DJ Jazzy Jeff.”

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Crate Diggers: Diamond D Shows Off His Vinyl Collection (Video)

Crate Diggers (of Fuse TV) features people with extraordinary vinyl record collections. On the show, the owners tell the stories behind their collections. On this episode, guest Diamond D shares his favorite breakbeat records and talks about how everyone – from Afrika Bambaataa to The J.B.’s – inspired him.
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DJ Premier x DJ Scratch x DJ Cash Money Tribute To The Legendary Grandmaster Flash (Video)

DJ Premier and DJ Scratch and DJ Cash Money perform on the 1s and 2s at the Global Spin Awards in tribute to legendary DJ Grandmaster Flash. Dope! Look closely, and you can see a bit of a video montage of Flash moments on the big screen behind the performing DJs during the scratch dedication. This was an INCREDIBLE happening – three greats doing it in honor of the forefather! Nice.
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The Official DJ Of President Barack Obama: DJ Cassidy (Video)

Wouldn’t you know President Obama and the Democratic National Convention (DNC) would have a deejay? Not just any deejay…but DJ Cassidy. Peep the shout out from the President in this clip (Cassidy spun at his birthday party…DOPE! Maaannn! Talk about bringing the party to the party. DNC  was star-studded to say the least! And the after parties went on ’til DJ Cassidy went home! Good stuff.
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