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Comedy: Black Geo Presents “Anatomy of the Ass” (Video)

Woo hoo HOOOOO! Information we can all use. In my best Martin Payne voice… Let us explore; learn all about that SPLACKOW!! That ‘wagon she be draggin’ back there! Good googley moogley!!

#DeadAssBoutDatAss #GoneLearnToday


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Cuffing Season’s Coming! What Are The Rules? What Exactly Is A ‘Bae’ Anyway? (Video)

Hey, Big Head…

Got that text yet? Baahahaa! The funniest funny usually has a twinge of truth (at least) to it. Checked the weather recently? Noticed the days getting a bit shorter and the nights a bit longer? Overwhelming urge to ‘snuggle’ up much? Mm hmm, Cuffing Season is upon us! Fall is officially here, and you can expect a sharp rise in Bae Acquisition Rates (BARs, genius)!

But okay. RELAX! Take a minute to realize what you are getting into when you go hard trying to cuff that cuddle bunny before the cold sets in. One fur for the whole cold season… Still gonna do it, huh? Alright, player, you leave me no choice. Watch this. Laugh and learn!

Finding a bae may mean you have to share your fries. Dormtainment drops more science in this full episode of Black Geo. How is your baeship?
– LOL Network

Good luck. And keep the February 14th deadline in mind. Ha!

(That one part with Cynthia Luciette in there. Mercy! Plus, several Honeyz in this. Now you gotta watch.)


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Comedy: “She Tryna Sex” (Video)

So fellas have you ever been chilling with a lady and it looks like she is giving the signal to get the bedroom gymnastics going on but you were completely wrong?  Well I think we have all had one such encounter and the guys over at Dormtainment TV bring this to life with a funny skit to have you laughing. Adding some spice and eye candy to the video Laila Odom guest stars as the honey giving off the sexy signals.  Dormtainment does a great job of using current pop culture references that you definitely can identify with.  .

When the signals get crossed, the script gets flipped.

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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