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Comedy: Live From New York… It’s ‘The Grabbies’ (Video)

Bwaaaaahahaaa! So they finally got an award for all the real weenies winners out there; the ones with a firm grip on the Hollywood scene… only it seems the dudes are not as happy as one might think to be ‘recognized’ for what they’ve done in Tinsel Town. Go figure. And don’t worry, “The Grabbies” is an equal opportunity award event. Got women getting props “peeping peepees and squeezing sausages,” too.

But hold up: Is that Charles Barkley in there? Guy looks just like him. Turribul. Just turribul (as in terribly funny)!

Grabbie nominees Tom Sturgeson (Alex Moffat), Lenny Martin (Pete Davidson), Ronald Kellogg (Kenan Thompson), Tim Franklin (Charles Barkley) and Catherine LeBourge (Aidy Bryant) are interviewed on the red carpet.
– Saturday Night Live

SNL scored with this skit. Shots at ABC and the ‘Film City’… feel the burn!

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Black and White (Series Teasers)

Yes! Please, please let this happen like it’s supposed to… and catch on. We (looking at you U.S.) need this: to laugh, and just as important, THINK about race in America. The evidence can be found in comments heard across the ‘net (and probably across the aisle – at work, the grocery, wherever) around the “Roots” reboot that just played on The History Channel. Sentiments like ‘whyyyy do we even need to bring that back up?’ given voice by Black AND White people. Like race isn’t even a relevant issue anymore.

There are some things you just can’t say, even if your grandparents did. “Black and White” premieres Wednesday, June 13 10:30/9:30c on A&E. #BlackAndWhite

Ha! In your [Black]face! More after the jump…

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Comedy: “She Tryna Sex” (Video)

So fellas have you ever been chilling with a lady and it looks like she is giving the signal to get the bedroom gymnastics going on but you were completely wrong?  Well I think we have all had one such encounter and the guys over at Dormtainment TV bring this to life with a funny skit to have you laughing. Adding some spice and eye candy to the video Laila Odom guest stars as the honey giving off the sexy signals.  Dormtainment does a great job of using current pop culture references that you definitely can identify with.  .

When the signals get crossed, the script gets flipped.

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Comedy: A Conference Call in Real Life (Video)

Funny & hilariously true! If you have EVER been part of a conference call meeting, you will feel this sketch by Tripp and Tyler.

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Comedy: Members Of U.S. Congress ‘Representing’ In Egypt (Video)

VOTE DAMMIT! Okay… no this is not going to turn into a PSA by @ojones1 (this time). This Daily Show with Jon Stewart clip is a comedy post (but watching ELECTED members of our U.S. Congress “represent” us could send me off on a rant). What’s really funniest though is the portion BEFORE the comedians (Samantha Bee, David Cross, Bob Odenkirk) come in. Just watch…


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