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Dr. Sebi’s Former Wife Ma’a & His Son Sesa Speak On The Coming Documentary And To Address Rumors (Video)

Wow. So, Dr. Sebi’s son Sesa says Nick Cannon is the only one who reached to tell the Doc’s story; not Nipsey Hussle. Worth leaning in and listening intensely to this clip for that tidbit and other insights.

Former wife of the late Dr. Sebi, Ma’a & his son Sesa stopped by Ebro In The Morning to bring clarity to misunderstandings, and confusion about the herbalist and healer whose name recently surfaced once again after the passing of Nipsey Hussle.

They also spoke on Left Eye & the last days of her life, whether Magic Johnson was really cured of HIV, Nick Cannon reaching out to complete the Dr. Sebi documentary, and also told stories of people who had used their program.

– HOT 97

Ma’a just might end up getting that hashtag to trend (mentioned it in another interview posted on here)… #WereYouThere

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Dr. Sebi’s Family Speaks On His Life, On His Healing Ways, And On Controversies Involving Him (Video)

Old interview, but interesting information.

Tasha K getting exclusive insights and perspectives from Usha & ex-wife Ma’a. And Tasha speaks on the Nipsey Hussle’s documentary efforts in bringing Dr. Sebi’s story and wisdom to light.

Over 30 kids? Wow. Lots to unpack in this.

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