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BeingSean: Friday Night Races And A Happy Father’s Day Weekend

Thank you, Andrea and Syd, for an AWESOME WEEKEND!!! I loved every minute of it. AND Happy Fathers Day guys!!!!!

The realest talk. Give Dad what he really wants on Father’s Day, and he’ll be head-over-heels. Not because it’s required (real Dads don’t need a ‘day’ to recognize that), but just because… and out of real love. Awesome piece from the homie Sean. Check it out.

Father’s Day weekend was a little different for me this year in that Syd is spending the entire summer with her mom versus one month. See I’m used to Syd being at the house for most of the summer and this year I had to do the “I’m the summer dad” pickup for the weekend. It was… weird. 

Andrea and Syd both asked me what I wanted to do well in advance but as most dads know, we don’t need a special day to tell us we are great dads. Syd suggested we go to the Friday night drag races which is something we both enjoy doing. Andrea has never been so this was a first for her. Side note… (more)

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DJ LV, inspired by Pharrell, is ‘Happy’ to be a ‘Daddy’ (Video)

Atlanta by way of Oakland turntable master, DJ LV, got inspired by Pharrell’s popular hit ‘Happy’ & flipped it into a song & video to speak on how overjoyed the man is in being a father. I already know there are many good dads out there even amongst my immediate circle, but far too often society doesn’t celebrate these guys enough. I guess this is DJ LV’s way of doing that for what Chris Rock would describe as the ‘Father’s Day, Big Chicken eating, unsung heroes’ who love & do right by their kids.

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