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Ras Kass On Female Emcees, Black Lives Matter, Sean Price And More (Video)

Great series of interview clips featuring frank commentary from Ras Kass the west coaster. Above, he talks above repping his hometown of Carson; being the first to really do so (even though Brandy & Ray J are also from there). That’s just the first clip. Check out the rest after the jump; in which he gives props to up-and-coming rappers (male and especially female) doing good mic work, feelings of futility regarding police brutality and ‘Black Lives Matter’ and working with other artists like Can-I-Bus and Sean Price (RIP)… among other things.

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Dutch Rebelle – “I Know” (Video)

In today’s Hip Hop game there is no excuse for you to not have great visuals for your project.  Of course the music comes first but you should also compliment the sound with visuals that help get your point across.  Dutch Rebelle has done a great job of doing this with her latest project Rebelle Diaries.  She just released her latest video for the Boogie produced track titled “I Know”.  I have had the pleasure of seeing Dutch perform live and this video gives you a glimpse of the energy and charisma that she displays when onstage.  Not to mention she gets creative with the face paint and black roses throughout the video nice to see her pushing the creative boundaries.  The video is directed by J Hunt of SmokeHouse Media and I will sign of with Dutch Rebelle’s signature closing Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud


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Rogue Dynamo – “Roses and Karma” (EP)

tumblr_n4ym9waNku1rn4ebpo1_1280The Atlanta Hip Hop scene is a very diverse one.  There are a number of different artists that range from Boom Bap, Trap, Rock, House etc.  Adding to this diverse scene is Rogue Dynamo who has released her new Karma and Roses EP which is an eight track sonic adventure.  She not only gets busy behind the mic she also helps with the production of this new project.

“Roses and Karma”, the newly released EP from ATL’s own Rogue Dynamo is all about maintaining balance in a world full of constant changes and evolving challenges.The album serves as a Karmatic journey with Hip Hop’s very own anti-heroine navigating the voyage. Love, betrayal, relationships, and the hunger to obtain greatness despite the odds, fuel the eight-track-odyssey known as Roses and Karma.Led by the hit indie single “On My Own”, and including production from Rogue and a talented group of others, the album showcases another facet of Atlanta-based Hip Hop.


                                                      CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Dutch Rebelle – “Recline” feat. 360 (Video)

Sometimes you have to escape this fast paced world and just relax and recline.  Dutch Rebelle brings you the visuals for her track “Recline” off her Rebelle Diaries album. We had Dutch Rebelle on Beatz & Lyrics Show CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.  The track features Queens rapper 360 who also features in the video.  Dutch always delivers the quality lyrics and the visuals match on this track.  All you have to do is hear Dutch speaking French in the beginning of the video I am sure you will be hooked in!

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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UcanCallMeLA – “Bee.Em (Black Magic)” [Video]

It’s magic baby or should I say Black Magic! Well according to L.atasha A.lcindor aka UcanCallMeLA it is Black Magic per her new visuals for the track “Be Em”.  LA pulls no punches and delivers lyrics of substance over a beat that matches her subject matter.  She celebrates her melanated skin and calls out white artists that look at black people as tokens or accessories. The only problem I have with the video is I want it to be longer but trust me it is worth watching.  LA resides in Brooklyn but if you are an ATLien like myself you will recognize the scenery like the Krog St. Tunnel and the Marta train.  I reached out to LA and she confirmed that she shot the footage while in ATL for this past year’s A3C.

“Miley we are not accessories, I don’t give a Fuck if Jay Put you in a melody.” – UcanCallMeLA


ArtByOdell Twitter / SoundCloud


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Throwback Darts: Charli Baltimore – “Stand Up” feat. Ghostface Killah (Video)

When people mention dope female emcee’s, there is always a big group that gets left out. Typical answers are usually Mc Lyte, Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, Rah Digga, Jean Grae, Lil Kim, Foxy, Da Brat or even the one who looks like a robot and raps with the weird voice (you know who I am talking about). The likes of Jane Doe, Charli Baltimore, Da 5 Footas, Deadly Venoms, Sonya Blade, Bahamadia, Antionette, and many other dope female emcee’s get overlooked or hardly ever get mentioned. Charli Baltimore traded darts with an in his prime & damn near untouchable Ghostface, held her own on a gritty beat, and was still looking sexy… what else could you ask for?