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Food: This Vegan Restaurant Insists It Serves ‘Cheese’… Even If It Is Non-Dairy (Video)

Crazy how I keep coming across more and more vegan stuff that I would scarf down, like, IMMEDIATELY! Like this stuff… making me an ‘Eat Seeking’ missile over here!

Chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz wants people to rethink the language they use when it comes to vegan food. The owner of Modern Love in Brooklyn, New York, believes people need to say the word “cheese,” even if they are referring to the non-dairy-based alternative. This is apparent on her menu, offering dishes like the modern cheese plate, an assortment of various vegan cheeses that imitate the flavors and textures of dill Havarti and chevre.
– Thrillist

Cheese glorious cheese (remember that commercial?); even this vegan variety gets me singing. And I haven’t even tried it yet #BucketList #FillMyBucketWithThis


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Food: You ‘Win Son,’ You Lose None… Of The Taiwanese Culture & Flavor (Video)

Careful about throwing around the word ‘authentic’ or being so quick to judge what is not authentic. I came across this Eat Seeker video and played (and decided to share) it because the food looked delicious. But this (and like their other episodes) go deeper than ‘staying true’ to where the cuisine is ‘from’… Get into the meaning behind the dishes, the motives and motivations of the chefs. This clip [and series] is cool (AND delicious)!

Over the last few years, Taiwanese food has slowly been getting a little more recognition across the city of New York. At the beloved Taiwanese spot, Win Son, co-owners Trigg Brown and Josh Ku have worked incredibly hard to build an association with the language they use on their menu. Together they have crafted a menu that highlights Taiwanese mainstays like the o-a jian (oyster omelette), fly’s head, and danzi noodles at their Brooklyn restaurant. Their hope is that small changes like using the Taiwanese dish names on the menu can help promote Taiwanese cultural and culinary identity in the city.
– Thrillist


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For The NYC Title, Brooklyn Tech’s Team Will Step In The Arena (Documentary)

If you cannot wrap your head around ‘step team’ as a sports/athletic activity, look at this and reconsider. Just saying. They go in as hard as any team on the court (or anywhere else).

You won’t find the most successful team at Brooklyn Technical High School on the basketball court or on the football field. You’ll find them stepping in the cafeteria – sweating, laughing and striving to keep their crown as NYC’s regional champions. In this VICE Sports exclusive, we met up with the all-female Lady Dragons step team to see their pressure-packed final days of preparation for NYC regionals.

Great story, regardless of what you ‘decide’ about the nature of the competition.

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Food: Republic Of Booza Serves 500-Year-Old Ice Cream (Video)

Looks more like taffy than ice cream. But if they say it’s ice cream… Okay. In fact, the Instagram page (here) says it is the ORIGINAL ice cream.

(Now, I admit, it does look tasty; whatever it is.)


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Ice Cube’s BIG3 Basketball League Is Coming To Barclays Center This Summer (Video)

Okay, this could be a score for FS1 on Monday nights. Loving the names of the teams for BIG3 Basketball at Barclays (after the jump). Now, if they can avoid the XFL trap of getting too gimmicky with a game folks love… just make exciting basketball… not reinventing the game, just eliminating the lame from that lane… we got something! Plus, handchecking and fairplay freethrows.

Watching Cube and Rappaport break it down in conversation might pique your curiosity to tune in June.

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Brooklyn-Born Representative Hakeem Jeffries Recites Biggie’s “Juicy” Verses On The Congressional Floor (Video)

Did you hear about the Congressman that got up on the House floor and commemorated the 20th year since the passing of Notorious B.I.G. by reciting some lyrics from his late hometown’s hero? It was NOT a dream! And it was damned awesome. Never believe that Hip-Hop can’t move a nation. It does, and its leaders… and this should move YOU! Watch.

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Stay Melo: Carmelo Anthony Explores Boxing In Brownsville (Video)

I’m a big boxing fan. I just love the fact that it’s mano y mano. May the best man win.

Say that then, Carmelo. On this ep of #StayMelo the baller is off the hardwood and on to the squared circle. Checking out what makes boxers from Brownsville (Brooklyn, NY, USA) different; the “best community for true fighters.”

Brownsville, Brooklyn, has become known for its numerous high rise project buildings, tragic gang violence and world champion boxers with vicious knockouts. Mike Tyson, Zab Judah, Riddick Bowe, Shannon Briggs and countless other world champions all hail from one small section of Brooklyn that encompasses a few square blocks. In this episode of Stay Melo, Carmelo Anthony meets up with WBA Middleweight Champion Danny Jacobs to get a tour of the neighborhood and see what makes this place special. Their journey leads them to a kid named Bruce “Shu Shu” Carrington, who is looking to be the next boxer to put Brownsville on his back.
– VICE Sports

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South Asian Emcee Anik Khan Touring In & Around Astoria (Video)

Daily VICE gives us an up close look at Anik Khan from Bangladesh (the country, not the producer) as the emcee takes a look and see around his Astoria neighborhood in Queens, New York. Anik came from overseas at age four, and now he is ready to wreck and rep for South Asia like none he has ever known.

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Latasha Alcindor aka L.A. – “Talk My Sh*t” [Video]

Let me Talk My Sh*t for a minute about Latasha Alcindor’s new video.  The Flatbush Brooklyn emcee brings visuals to her track “Talk My Sh*t” directed by Jahmel R. of The Ren Revolution.  With a gritty beat LA delivers quality flows while also seeming to have fun with her crew throughout the video.  Starting off with some classic clips of Nina Simone she definitely does a good job of having balance in her music.  So if you not familiar get familiar with Latasha Alcindor or you can just call her L.A. just make sure you check her out. Go to Latasha Alcindor website for more info


ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud


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Latasha Alcindor a.k.a. “L.A.” – “The Island” (Video)

Latasha Alcindor aka L.A. drops new video for the track “The Island”.  LA is a Brooklyn emcee who gets busy on the mic, but changes it up a little for this track.  Still quality lyrics but a little more upbeat on the track but bound to give you good vibes.  Plenty of colors along with beach scenery perfect for the Summer.  Track produced by Sam Katz video directed by Fro Casso sponsored by 88 Days of Fortune.  Click Here to Download The Island

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud


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UcanCallMeLA – “Bee.Em (Black Magic)” [Video]

It’s magic baby or should I say Black Magic! Well according to L.atasha A.lcindor aka UcanCallMeLA it is Black Magic per her new visuals for the track “Be Em”.  LA pulls no punches and delivers lyrics of substance over a beat that matches her subject matter.  She celebrates her melanated skin and calls out white artists that look at black people as tokens or accessories. The only problem I have with the video is I want it to be longer but trust me it is worth watching.  LA resides in Brooklyn but if you are an ATLien like myself you will recognize the scenery like the Krog St. Tunnel and the Marta train.  I reached out to LA and she confirmed that she shot the footage while in ATL for this past year’s A3C.

“Miley we are not accessories, I don’t give a Fuck if Jay Put you in a melody.” – UcanCallMeLA


ArtByOdell Twitter / SoundCloud


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Spike Lee Speaks On His New Kickstarter Project, Gentrification In Brooklyn, & School Daze 2 (Video)

Got three clips’ worth of good watching on vanguard filmmaker Spike Lee. In the first clip, above, Vibe interviews Spike on the challenges of fundraising for filmmaking via his Kickstarter campaign for his next film and the criticism it will bring. Innovative approach though: Spike invites all levels of participation (from even 5 bucks to those that can chip in $10,000)… and offers some interesting prizes can win (including signed Nikes, dinner with Spike and courtside seats at a Knicks game).

See two more clips after the jump: on his views regarding gentrification of his hood and on revisiting a classic.

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Rakim Performs at CityParks Brooklyn SummerStage 2013 (Video)

Somebody will sneak a camera into a live performance venue and bring footage out to the masses. That’s just how we do. Well, they did; and here it is just for you: Rakim rocking live at CityParks Brooklyn SummerStage 2013, presented by Lyricist Lounge and the NYC Parks Department. Extra special bonus footage after the jump.

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Biggie’s Daughter T’yanna Wallace Revists Her Father’s Old Brooklyn Neighborhood (Video)

Global Grind TV interviews with the Biggie’s (aka Notorious B.I.G., born Christopher Wallace) eldest child. She is now a student at Penn State University; into fashion…NOT rap. That’s okay though, as she clearly has her own lane and seems comfortable in her skin. On a tour of Poppa’s old stomping grounds, the clip above celebrates B.I.G.’s life and impact on Hip-Hop and folks in it… while giving us a good look at T’yanna and her future outlook. Good feel good video.

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The Travel Channel’s Anthony Bourdain Rediscovers Brooklyn with Talib Kweli (Video)

End of the road for The Travel Channel’s Anthony Bourdain. But he goes out with a great show (with guest Talib Kweli):

‘In the series finale of “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations — The Final Tour,” Tony heads to Brooklyn, NY where he uncovers a whole new world on the other side of the river. Here, Tony talks with local rapper Talib Kweli.’

– Travel Channel TV

Check it out above.

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Brooklyn Nets Claim To Have The Most High-Tech Arena In Pro Sports (Video)

Take a look around Brooklyn’s new super high-tech stadium, The Barclays Center. “The most high-tech stadium in sports” – that’s the pitch line for the new home of the Brooklyn Nets. The Verge posted a writeup with some tantalizing tech particulars:

‘…free Wi-Fi that’s designed to support a packed house full of smartphone-wielding fans, LTE and 3G service from the four major carriers and sponsor MetroPCS, and an app that lets fans order and pay for food from their seats without having to stand in concession lines. There’s also 8,000 square feet of LED signage, including a three-story tall 1080p center-hung scoreboard and the highlight feature of the entire stadium: the Oculus, a 360-degree LED marquee that encircles the outer pavilion.’

The arena has a ‘hyper-local’ setting, too, according to The Verge. All the restaurants inside the arena are Brooklyn businesses – including Fatty ‘Cue barbeque, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs, and Brooklyn Cupcakes. There is even an outpost of the 40/40 Club. By the way, the Club’s owner (and celebrity face man for the Nets franchise), Jay-Z will kick off inaugural ceremonies this weekend at The Barclays Center headlining in a series of sold-out shows (other shows will feature Barbra Streisand, Justin Bieber, and The Who). The tech… the shows…Well.. Do it big then!

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Mic Blaque – “The Return” (Video)

Underground Magazine and HHH Magazine have ink on Brooklyn’s own Mic Blaque. He’s opened for M.O.P. and Meek Millz. Now, I’m aware of him. Uh oh, let’s go! Mic Blaque hit my radar on a YouTube surf session with “The Return” (see video above). DOPE! I peeped his bio and saw his mission statement: “Make music to change the world, not to fit the status quo.” DOPENESS! And he has vowed to channel his creativity into music that addresses societal issues (like poverty, empowerment)…you know, like some of the greats of the Golden Era of Hip Hop did last century. Dun-nuh-dun-dun-nuuuhhhh SUPER DOPENESS!!! I see you Mic Blaque. Now, y’all be sure to click and see Mic Blaque in “The Return.” Hell, why not go to and get a copy of the mixtape it’s on – “The Intermission” (produced by young hungry BK producer Tone Tremelo)? It’s free (just scroll down a bit to the link when you get there). Watch this dude. Follow him @MicBlaque. That’s a tip. And…you’re welcome.

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Sean Price Names His Top 5 Brooklyn Rappers (Video)

Price shares his top 5 from Brooklyn and some big time rappers didnt make the list.