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Pioneer Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Takes Viewers to Mars (Video)

Excuse you please. It is Dr. Aldrin. Respect! Credited with being on the first team to set foot on the moon, now Buzz Aldrin has set his sights further… as in Destination: Mars.

Buzz Aldrin wants to be remembered for more than just “kicking up moon dust.” He wants his legacy to include laying the groundwork for a permanent human settlement on Mars, and he has a plan. As NASA prepares to send the first humans to Mars, 8i and Time Inc’s LIFE VR have collaborated with the celebrated astronaut and historical icon to create a one of a kind virtual reality experience. In Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways to Mars, journey with Dr. Aldrin from his landing site on the moon to Mars as shows you first hand his plan for inhabiting the Red Planet.

So, Aldrin wants in on colonizing Mars. Yep, looks like Buzz wants to make humans Martians sooner than later. Watch his 360 visuals on that above. Making of video is embedded after the jump for your further edification.

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Run The Jewels In Concert At Boiler Room London (Video)

Confession and evidence of Hip-Hop arson captured right here in 360° video. Killer Mike told the crowd that he and his partner El-P came to burn the UK Boiler Room set to the muthaph#kin’ ground! An hour strong of Run The Jewels on stage getting it in. You know, we’ve seen so much of Mike giving political commentary and stumping for Bernie Sanders for U.S. President, we might have forgotten about his emceeing…

Nah, that wasn’t ever gonna happen. Ha!

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Karriem Riggins & J Rocc Doing Dilla Recreations: “Lightworks” / “E=MC²” (Video)

In The basement Dungeon at Stones Throw Records, Karriem Riggins and J Rocc get down on some improvisational performing of their spins on the late great J Dilla’s “Lightworks” and “E=MC².” Oh…It’s a 360-Degree video if you got that kind of tech. Click play either way, and here we go!

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Dutch Rebelle – “Recline” feat. 360 (Video)

Sometimes you have to escape this fast paced world and just relax and recline.  Dutch Rebelle brings you the visuals for her track “Recline” off her Rebelle Diaries album. We had Dutch Rebelle on Beatz & Lyrics Show CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.  The track features Queens rapper 360 who also features in the video.  Dutch always delivers the quality lyrics and the visuals match on this track.  All you have to do is hear Dutch speaking French in the beginning of the video I am sure you will be hooked in!

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Indiana Pacers Star, Paul George’s, ill 360-degree Windmill Dunk (Video)

Incredible! Chances are you have seen a ‘dunk competition’ winning slam and went daaaamn! Now, imagine seeing one during an actual game. Now that dunk is 360-degee windmill slam perfection – not during warm-ups – but during a live broadcast game. Stop imagining and click play above. Paul George of the NBA’s Indiana Pacers with a monster dunk with extra funk on the L.A. Clippers! SICK!

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