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The Dog Ate Ate Your Dollars? Yes, The U.S. Mutilated Currency Division Can Help (Video)

Fascinating story! Seems like, when you take into account the labor spent on validating the tattered currency, that it costs a lot to do this. But it’s gotta be worth it to someone who would otherwise lose their money.

Let’s set the scene: you’ve just discovered your pup chewed away at your entire life savings. Or, last month’s rent was suddenly burned to a crisp after being left in the oven. Bizarre mistakes happen, but what can you do? The Mutilated Currency Division has got you covered.
– Great Big Story


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Mr. Noah Goes To Washington: The Full President Obama Interview (Video)

Trevor Noah visits President Barack Obama at the White House for a special interview for The Daily Show. The two discuss Russia’s impact on the 2016 election, the state of the U.S. democracy, the incoming Trump administration, the future of Affordable Care, modern racism and more.


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Yasiin Bey – “No Colonial Fiction”

Shout out to the family of Tamir Rice… Young blood is flowing… but school’s closing.
Yasiin Bey

Bey speaking truth and love with guts. Sending blessings to the family, but keeping the light on the murder of 12-year old Tamir Rice by police in Cleveland (Ohio, USA) last year. Let the pain move you to DO SOMETHING like the song says. Check out Yasiin’s interview and strong commentary on Tamir, misplaced Muslim hate and more after the jump.

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Lil Kim Believes The Government Had Something To Do With Biggie’s Death (Audio)

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was determined that Lil Kim was correct in her beliefs. You can always look at the past as a point of reference for a clearer road map of insight. Every day it seems like government documents continue to be declassified from the 60s & 70s alone. History has shown us how the government tried to dismantle the black panther party movements & other civil rights & politically based movements of previous eras. Entertainers were some of the primary people being watched back in the day even before the 1940s & 50s McCarthyism era on past J. Edgar Hoover’s era with his cross dressing ass.