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Talking ‘Trash’ And Flipping It Into Treasure With Gary Vaynerchuk (Video)

Hustle b!tch. That’s what it’s about and what I have to imagine Gary would tell you himself. But instead, he will show you how to grind and get money to grow your grind up. Too many of us try to get our ‘game up’… Nah son, grow your GRIND up first #JustSaying

In this week’s episode, I snagged some incredible flips for less than $100 that are all now listed on eBay for well over $1000+


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Going For Gold: While The Golden State Warriors Were Winning, So Was E-40 (Video)

Now that the Golden State Warriors have turned things around and made the series a fight – the Western Finals now being tied 3-3 when the team was facing elimination (down 3-1) days ago, can we talk about the fighting spirit of another Yay Area hero? Anybody hear how Indie rap legend E-40 just got certified Gold again for his “Choices” joint? Yessir, RIAA certified GOLD – 500,000 units sold!

Back in 2014, the single was out and pushing indie numbers. Fawty was working his music, per usual, and eating off his work. But E-40 was actually well into his forties by then, and there was limited expectation of commercial success. Just putting out the work and seeing some movement would be considered a ‘win’ to most in his position. But Fonzy stayed on the grind, and kept working ground, and kept eyes and ears out for rain… and in 2015, a partnership involving an Apple insider and some moves with the NBA Championship-bound Warriors, gave E-40’s music new life.

Farmer Fawty Water still kept tending the crop though. Then, just recently, came the harvest!

“Man I was looking at the numbers and I’m like ‘I think I’m close to gold!’ So my distributor sent a note to the RIAA and they did their accounting and everything and analyzed it and that shit was certified, bruh! Matter fact, “Tell Me When to Go” just went gold two months ago. And “U and Dat Booty” went platinum the same day that “Tell Me When to Go” went gold. That’s sick huh?”
– HipHopDX, quoting E-40

Time to celebrate that victory, and a hell of a comeback effort by the Warriors. Hit the jump, and join the party!


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Jadakiss – “Grind”

Damn! I’m feeling this joint right here! Nothing too pop or tailor made for the club. These are the type of bangers I like to hear Jadakiss get ill over. This is a good first joint produced by BINK! that “Al-Qaeda Jada” released via his website SoRaspy in preparation for his upcoming album “Top 5 Dead Or Alive”. Adding this joint to the ipod asap so I can bang it out in the whip later…..