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Ice Cube On CNBC Right After Releasing His “Death Certificate” Album (Video)

Ah, so Jerry Heller did make some anti-defamation moves (reaching out to Simon Wiesenthal, Wiesenthal Center) like the character in “Straight Outta Compton” threatened.

Late night call-in talk show, taped right after Ice Cube left NWA and released his solo album called “Death Certificate.”
– X+

Looking at the comments on this vid on the Tube and across the Interwebs, this interview might have been part of the setup… to negatively spin Cube’s views & lyrics. Gotta say, Cube, even as a young man, repped himself and the Culture strong on air; despite the media pressure.

(Reporter/host was kind of thin-skinned near the end, right? Asking. And slipping in that “Man Of Rage” moniker… Really? He never once even raised his voice.)

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Going For Gold: While The Golden State Warriors Were Winning, So Was E-40 (Video)

Now that the Golden State Warriors have turned things around and made the series a fight – the Western Finals now being tied 3-3 when the team was facing elimination (down 3-1) days ago, can we talk about the fighting spirit of another Yay Area hero? Anybody hear how Indie rap legend E-40 just got certified Gold again for his “Choices” joint? Yessir, RIAA certified GOLD – 500,000 units sold!

Back in 2014, the single was out and pushing indie numbers. Fawty was working his music, per usual, and eating off his work. But E-40 was actually well into his forties by then, and there was limited expectation of commercial success. Just putting out the work and seeing some movement would be considered a ‘win’ to most in his position. But Fonzy stayed on the grind, and kept working ground, and kept eyes and ears out for rain… and in 2015, a partnership involving an Apple insider and some moves with the NBA Championship-bound Warriors, gave E-40’s music new life.

Farmer Fawty Water still kept tending the crop though. Then, just recently, came the harvest!

“Man I was looking at the numbers and I’m like ‘I think I’m close to gold!’ So my distributor sent a note to the RIAA and they did their accounting and everything and analyzed it and that shit was certified, bruh! Matter fact, “Tell Me When to Go” just went gold two months ago. And “U and Dat Booty” went platinum the same day that “Tell Me When to Go” went gold. That’s sick huh?”
– HipHopDX, quoting E-40

Time to celebrate that victory, and a hell of a comeback effort by the Warriors. Hit the jump, and join the party!


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Revolutions On Air: The Golden Era of New York Radio 1980 – 1988 (Documentary)

Get someone to share what they knew about New York City radio during the 1980s, and you are sure to hear mix show legends and DJs like Marley Marl and Kool DJ Red Alert. Yep, there’s that and so much more. But what if someone went and culled content from all the stories into one insightful narratives.

Well, Revolutions On Air is the story of Marley and Red, and the likes of Shep Pettibone, Tony Humphries, The Latin Rascals… innovators of the day that pushed emerging Hip-Hop, electro, house music and scenes. Radio listeners all over the city recorded what would become classic mixes via tape decks hooked into personal stereos. That’s the um… downloading… folks used to do back in the day, kids.

Check out Revolutions On Air, narrated by MC Lyte.

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Stussy x YO! MTV Raps – “We Were All Watching” (Documentary)

The clothier Stüssy produced this two-part documentary to be released with its Stüssy/Yo! MTV Raps collection entitled “We Were All Watching.” Part 1 – ‘The Importance of Yo! MTV Raps’ (watch above) – reviews the history of MTV’s groundbreaking music and video show of the 1990s. Part 2 (see after the jump) – ‘Fashion in the Golden Age of Hip-Hop’ – looks at the trends and styles from that time and how they changed the world. Directed Adam Jay Weissman, the documentary features a parade of Hip-Hop notables including former host Ed lover, Alchemist, Evidence (of Dilated Peoples), DJ Premier, Questlove (of The Roots), MC Lyte, Rakim, Shock G (of Digital Underground) and more.

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Ras Kass – “Judas” feat. Planet Asia x Chace Infinite

Barmaggedon coverWatts (California, USA) emcee Ras Kass has been doing his thing since the 90s, and that’s a good thing. Here’s another good thing: his joint “Judas” (featuring Planet Asia and Chace Infinite). This is the lead single off “Barmaggedon” – the Ras LP. Now, iTunes offers a pre-order for a mid-February release; but we found a Bandcamp link at which you could stream and buy the LP today! With lyrical features from Monie Love and Ice-T to Kendrick Lamar and Bishop Lamontevery Hip-Hop head should want to do that… now.


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