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Performance: Rick Ross Live At BET Hip-Hop Awards 2019 (Video)

Now that’s how a BAWSE does the BET Hip-Hop Awards! Rozay did not come to play, even though he makes it look oh so easy. Hit the crowd with a medley of the M-M-M-Maybach Music!


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T-Pain – “A Million Times” feat. O.T. Genasis (Video)

When the naysayers ask if T-Pain has still got it, hit ’em with the heavy SIGH and tell ’em YES… “A Million Times” yes! Then let the younger ones know that O.T. Genasis is onboard. That’ll get this played once by the rest who really, really don’t know the T-Flow. And that’s all it will take. Might even get them to check out the whole LP. Boom!



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Comedy: Rap Stars Read ‘Mean Tweets’ From Fans (Video)

Hilarious! Yeah, all of the trolls who flex that ‘keyboard courage’ on social media, see Remy Ma with your Twitter fingers and you could catch them hands… My vote for best part is definitely Remy’s response. But the whole video is awesome. Kudos to all featured for being good sports.


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Watch Joe Budden ‘Pull Up’ On T-Pain (Episode 7) [Video]

Okay, so Joe Budden has become known for creating the content and moments online, for being at the center of things, that make viewers go ‘wooooow’ right? Think about him almost getting into a three-on-1 (plus their bodyguard) fracas for smooth walking off mid-interview on Migos (e.g. whosaidIgotleftoffBadandBougie… doitlookitlikeIgotleftoffBadandBougie). But this is not that. His ‘Pull Up’ series, according to Joe himself, is all about sitting down ONLY with folks HE gives a f**k about. This T-Pain episode, case in point, looks like a conversation that is the result of ‘pulling up’ on a longtime homie to catch up & give him a chance to get deeper in depth about things like moves he’s made (changing the game with autotune, putting out the ultimate “Boo’d Up” remix) and moves he’s about to make (rumors of dope music in his clip he is about to let off).

Good stuff. Watch!

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T-Pain x Ella Mai – “Boo’d Up” (TMIX)

Been getting a good run of “Boo’d Up” remixes. This TMIX included. Effects and all. He put the full T-Pain on the Ella Mai thang! Check it out.

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T-Pain Speaks On Not Pressing Cash Money For His Royalties, Putting His Music Over Family And Pushing On (Video)

When T-Pain was T-Pain, every up-n-coming artist wanted that “T-Pain” effect on their music. Those who could afford to, collab’d with him (making for some long money)… the rest attempted to duplicate the magic of that which he made famous for Hip-Hop & crunk-n-B. That autotune groundswell he started and became known for; that made for his longevity!

T-Pain on the birth of autotune, cash money debts, new music and more.
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

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T-Pain – “Oblivion” (Album)

Yessir, that T-Pain. The one that brought auto-tune to the masses in the day (you know, when rappers hit the studios and did not come out until the engineer ‘put some T-Pain on it’). His LP is called “Oblivion”… as in he is back from it!


Nas, 2 Chainz, Mike WiLL Made It, and T-Pain Speak On ‘The Life of Notorious B.I.G.’ (Video)

Did you catch the Biggie documentary debut on Labor Day? If not, keep checking TV listings for the A&E channel for rebroadcasts. On-demand listings, too. In the meantime, we have some snipped clips on the late great B.I.G. for you to see!

Start above. Continue after the jump.

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Going For Gold: While The Golden State Warriors Were Winning, So Was E-40 (Video)

Now that the Golden State Warriors have turned things around and made the series a fight – the Western Finals now being tied 3-3 when the team was facing elimination (down 3-1) days ago, can we talk about the fighting spirit of another Yay Area hero? Anybody hear how Indie rap legend E-40 just got certified Gold again for his “Choices” joint? Yessir, RIAA certified GOLD – 500,000 units sold!

Back in 2014, the single was out and pushing indie numbers. Fawty was working his music, per usual, and eating off his work. But E-40 was actually well into his forties by then, and there was limited expectation of commercial success. Just putting out the work and seeing some movement would be considered a ‘win’ to most in his position. But Fonzy stayed on the grind, and kept working ground, and kept eyes and ears out for rain… and in 2015, a partnership involving an Apple insider and some moves with the NBA Championship-bound Warriors, gave E-40’s music new life.

Farmer Fawty Water still kept tending the crop though. Then, just recently, came the harvest!

“Man I was looking at the numbers and I’m like ‘I think I’m close to gold!’ So my distributor sent a note to the RIAA and they did their accounting and everything and analyzed it and that shit was certified, bruh! Matter fact, “Tell Me When to Go” just went gold two months ago. And “U and Dat Booty” went platinum the same day that “Tell Me When to Go” went gold. That’s sick huh?”
– HipHopDX, quoting E-40

Time to celebrate that victory, and a hell of a comeback effort by the Warriors. Hit the jump, and join the party!


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T-Pain – “Panda T-Mix” feat. Young Cash

This sh!t ’bout to be lit!

Okay, T-Pain, okay! Listen to Young Cash and dude do what he do with that Desiigner track for this “Panda” remix.


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T-Pain – Over/Under (Video)

T-Pain rates the poop emoji, Jeb Bush, ghosts, Helen Mirren, Daffy Duck and Febreeze. The choices: ‘overrated’ or ‘underrated.’ T-Pain’s elaborations on his responses though…PRICELESS!

And after the laughter… you know what? Bugs Bunny IS kind of an a-hole.

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T-Pain: Bigger Than Pain (Documentary)

“Bigger Than Pain” follows the career of T-Pain from the UK leg of his 2014 “I Am T-Pain” concert tour to his creative life off stage and his use of Auto-Tune. It also reveals how the ambitious 30 year old with two Grammy Awards and over 50 top ten singles under his belt navigates the triumphs and pitfalls of his successful career.

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NPR: ‘Tiny Desk Concerts’ Series Welcomes T-Pain… Singing Without Auto-Tune Effects (Video)

Definitely a different look at T-Pain. By that, meaning a different sound of music accompanying the words that are coming out of his mouth. Just listen and watch the above Tiny Desk Concert T-Pain did for NPR. This is 13 minutes of some of Pain’s greatest and latest hits WITHOUT AUTO-TUNE.

“This is weird as hell for me.”

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T-Pain Tells Snoop Why He Let The Locks Go (Video)

Whoa! T-Pain cut off all the dreadlocks. But why? Well, the way he tells it to Snoop on GGN, fatherhood threw him off balance for a bit. Getting a career white hot, balling out of control, grinding for more while he’s got the spotlight, then came family… It got to be too much…not even fun for him. Can’t have So he stepped back. Had to let some things go; some things that were hard to let go.

“It was just some things I had trouble letting go of in my life, so I figured if I can let go of the hair, I can let go of anything.”

So it began with the hair. And it looks like Pain (formerly DJ Pain, always something on which to fall back in Jacksonville) is getting it back together; back into the music. Wonder if that battle with the strip club addiction is on-going (EXPENSIVE habit, we posted on that here).

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T-Pain Talks About Spending Over $2.4 Million Dollars In Strip Clubs (Video)

Daaaaamn! T-Pain wildin’ (hope that money’s pilin’)! I mean… What man doesn’t like going to strip clubs every now & then to have a drink with friends? But even a multi-multi-millionaire or even a billionaire has gotta say to himself, “There’s no way to make sense of spending millions of my dollars in strip clubs! I gotta chill.” And what about buddies? Ain’t no other ballers rolling with him to throw some piles on all them azz taxes? And what about wifey? Pain said she likes to go, too. Cool; no doubt, very cool. But ya gotta wonder if she ever nudged her man on some save-some-for-Mami’s-g-string *ish. Hmmm, wifey’s a cutie (see after the jump). Wonder where she’d fit on the Universal Hot-Crazy Matrix?

Check out the full interview from New York’s at Hot 97. Fun watch.


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Vintage Tux – “Draggin” (Video)

The 5 man crew Vintage Tux drops more dopeness with their latest joint “Draggin”,will be released on the upcoming album Crock Pot Muzik, which still has no official drop date. They are definitely one of the groups I will be checking for this year as they continue to drop quality songs straight out of Tallahassee, FL which isn’t known for pure hip hop but acts like T-Pain. Groups like ‘VT’ proves that quality hip hop exists everywhere, you may just have to dig for it….


MTV’s When I Was 17: Common

Chi-town emcee & actor Common was featured on MTV’s ‘When I Was 17’ show & spoke on how his basketball injuries lead to a ‘life of rhyme’. T-Pain is also featured in this particular episode of the show as well & their stories are hilarious as hell. Both artists have albums dropping in December…..

R&B: T-Pain – “Never Leave Her” featuring Tay Dizm (Video)

T-Pain ditches the autotune for this new joint called “Never Leave Her” featuring Tay Dizm off of his upcoming album rEVOLVEr that’s due to drop on December 6th. It’s kinda cool surprise to see one of the homies “AJ” makes a cameo in this clip as well.  T-Pain also has his own mother in the video for this classy joint too. Check out the artwork & tracklisting for T-Pain’s new album under the hood…
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Ne-Yo – “The Way You Move” feat. T-Pain & Trey Songz (Video)

I’m really diggin’ the visual aspects of this new Ne-Yo joint. All too often we see videos of artists spending money in the strip clubs, but this joint right here has a certain level of “James Bond” type of class to it. This makes every “average rapper in the strip club throwing money video” appear like a visual hole in the wall. By the interior of the building it looks like they shot this video here in Atlanta at the new Diamonds which is one of the newer strip clubs among a hundred of them around city. The video makes me dig the song even more…

T-Pain – “5 O’Clock” featuring Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen (Video)

New single & video from T-Pain’s upcoming album RevolveR. Guess the official video means that the oft delayed album is going to finally see a release date. I could have sworn Lily Allen was officially done with the music business, but then again maybe he just sampled her voice from another song. Either way this joint finds Lily Allen & Wiz Khalifa getting their international love collabo thang on….