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ESPN’s 30-For-30: Trojan War (Video)

Ah, college football fans. Let’s talk about the Pete CarrollUSC Era. He took over the program at the¬†University Of Southern California after the 2000 season, and eventually restored the luster and swagger of the once-great Trojans with his football knowledge, upbeat personality and recruiting skills (and a couple of star graduates who’d come back to visit, if recollection serves).

Soon enough, Southern Cal was back! Topping the college football world in home field attendance; turning out win after win, multiple Heisman Trophy winners (e.g. Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush), marquee TV respect (ABC & Keith Jackson don’t just call any game)…


There was sinning at the revival of USC. And the worst sin of all D-1 sins, THEY GOT CAUGHT! Lost scholarships, overturned victories, a returned Heisman award… oh my. All of the fall would come to light after the 2006 National Championship game. USC lost the Rose Bowl that year to The University of Texas. Then the proverbial bottom fell the f##k out!

The hurt ran deep and are really only numbing today. At least now we can really talk about it. Well, Coach Carroll, Heisman-winning quarterback Leinart and others can that is. Watch “Trojan War,” an ESPN 30-For-30 special, above.

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CNN Talks To Heisman Trophy Runner-Up ‘AJ McCarron’ And His Friend ‘AJ Starr’ (Video)

2nd place for the Heisman Trophy; 1st place in our hearts. Thank you, AJ McCarron, for showing us how a star shines. The University of Alabama quarterback became fast friends with a fellow student, AJ Starr, who he first noticed hanging around the practice field – rain or shine.

Great story. Makes me proud to be an Alabama alum. Roll Tide, AJ. Both of y’all!


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