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Lakers Vs. Celtics (ESPN 30-For-30 Trailer)

We had no respect for ’em… none… zero!

“Lakers Vs. Celtics.” Bird vs. Johnson. Respect earned, but NO LOVE LOST! NOWWWW we go to school… Old school!!

Back in the day, in the ’80s, there were no damned exclusive ‘banana boat’ excursions or summer b-ball buddy camps with NBA rivals getting together. F**k no! There was PRIDE. There was WINNING. There was HATE – for the other team, and worse, for losing to them!

Purely rhetorical: How do you feel about today’s basketball? Are the rivalries fiery? Is it easy to get out of bed the next morning when your team loses? Do you think it really hurts your team’s players to their hearts when they lose?

Yeah. Bet money today’s game is nowhere near as raw as it was back then. And this ESPN 30-For-30 will show you real rivalry was lived by two of the NBA’s elite franchises.

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ESPN’s 30 For 30: Nature Boy (Teaser Trailer)

Finally… The R… oh wait, that’s another pro wrestler’s schtick. Ha!

But wrestling fans might be feeling like “finally” when the kiss-stealing, wheeling-dealing, limousine-riding, jet-flying son of a gun gets his 30 For 30 shine on ESPN. Watch the teaser above for the ESPN documentary for The Nature Boy Ric Flair. Wooooooooo!

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ESPN’s 30 For 30: This Was The XFL (Trailer)

This trailer is intriguing. Check it out.

ESPN, the world’s sports leader, is going to do a documentary on the XFL, the failed football league borne of and bearing more than a slight resemblance to Vince McMahon’s leading sports entertainment franchise, World Wrestling Entertainment. Any televised sport has to be entertaining enough to bring eyeballs and ad revenue, right? So maybe Vince thought he could put out an entertaining football program with no sweat. Whatever the motivations and machinations behind the result and resulting demise, we should learn something watching this 30 For 30.

(Speaking of learning something… Do you know what XFL stood for? Answer: It was NOT Xtreme Football League! It was not an acronym at all. Learned something already, huh?)

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Ali: The Mission (Mini-Documentary)

Even before The Champ’s passing, you’ve probably heard about his nobility and heroism outside the ring. Given that, this 30-For-30 documentary short’s content may not shock you; but the story should warm your heart and make you miss him a little bit more.

Ambassador Ali. Fighting Parkinson’s all while winning over folks worldwide including Saddam Hussein; which was key. You’ll see why when you watch.

(Narrated by John Legend.)

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ESPN’s 30 For 30: This Magic Moment (Documentary)

Think. Really think… that is, if you remember back when Shaq and Penny Hardaway were the 1-2 punch that was supposed to take the Orlando Magic all the way to the tippy top of the NBA. Do you remember why that didn’t happen? ESPN takes us back and takes us there; to the heart of the story about when the ‘magic’ happened and when the Magic fell apart.

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Michael Jordan: The Greatest Cry (A Fake ’30 For 30′ Trailer)

Waaahahaaaa! The meme game is mean mane. By now you’ve seen, heard, or seen AND heard about the latest of many many Jordan-crying memes. Instead of us trying to answer the ‘which one?’ why not just watch… and LAUGH… at the ‘official’ trailer for it.

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ESPN’s 30 For 30: Chasing Tyson (Video)

Plain and simple, in boxing’s mid-1980’s to mid-1990’s, Iron Mike Tyson was that dude! The ‘Baddest Man On The Planet’ was trained and became known for throwing ‘punches with bad intentions’ that left opponents destroyed and fight watchers astonished. Tyson was a star gone nova who cast a commanding shadow over boxing. Meanwhile, there was Evander Holyfield… the man who captured the heavyweight title when he knocked out Buster Douglas, the only dude to date who had knocked Tyson out… the man long-considered a mild-mannered champ, a legitimate champ, but never a truly great champ. In that era, when there were several who might ascend to that status, the way to it ran through Mike Tyson. To be the man, you gotta beat the man; and Iron Mike was that man. Holyfield was ready for that status, ready to take on ‘the man’ in 1991, but Tyson had to pull out due to injury. Rescheduling of the fight of destiny was further delayed when Tyson was convicted of rape later and had to spend time in jail. Even when he was in prison, away from the sport, people overwhelmingly considered Tyson the best of in heavyweight boxing.

All the while, Holyfield was fighting for titles and standing – dramatically gaining, losing and regaining the heavyweight crown. He was fighting. Tyson was sitting. And still, no real respect as a champ on his own… until November 1996. Holyfield, then 34, would finally get his shot at the heavily favored and four-years’ younger Tyson. Truly, this would be when Holyfield could earn the title, not just a belt, but undisputed status as ‘the man’ in heavyweight boxing. Yeah, ’96 gone be that year, when Holyfield was really considered the ‘Real Deal.’ After spending much of The Golden Era “Chasing Tyson,” Holyfield would do it.


And that second time… maaaan! Yeah, another incredible 30 For 30 by ESPN. Watch above.

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Kirko Bangz – “30 For 30 Freestyle” (Video)

Houston native Kirko Bangz provides us with visuals for his freestyle over Drake’s “30 for 30” instrumental. Dope rendition rendered by the southwesterner with something to say.

“I feel like I have a bunch of fans and kids looking up to me and who have been riding because I motivate them through my music. Lately, all I’ve been giving them is radio-friendly records due to what I’ve been going through career wise.”
Kirko Bangz

No radio this go ’round. Watch him go low-key and gritty on the track in the video above (audio below)!


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ESPN’s 30-For-30: Trojan War (Video)

Ah, college football fans. Let’s talk about the Pete CarrollUSC Era. He took over the program at the University Of Southern California after the 2000 season, and eventually restored the luster and swagger of the once-great Trojans with his football knowledge, upbeat personality and recruiting skills (and a couple of star graduates who’d come back to visit, if recollection serves).

Soon enough, Southern Cal was back! Topping the college football world in home field attendance; turning out win after win, multiple Heisman Trophy winners (e.g. Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush), marquee TV respect (ABC & Keith Jackson don’t just call any game)…


There was sinning at the revival of USC. And the worst sin of all D-1 sins, THEY GOT CAUGHT! Lost scholarships, overturned victories, a returned Heisman award… oh my. All of the fall would come to light after the 2006 National Championship game. USC lost the Rose Bowl that year to The University of Texas. Then the proverbial bottom fell the f##k out!

The hurt ran deep and are really only numbing today. At least now we can really talk about it. Well, Coach Carroll, Heisman-winning quarterback Leinart and others can that is. Watch “Trojan War,” an ESPN 30-For-30 special, above.

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ESPN 30-For-30: The U Part 2 (Video)

Produced in 2009 by ESPN for its “30 for 30” series, “The U” was a look at all that was good and bad about the rise of the University of Miami’s football program in the 1980s. But that wasn’t the end of the story. “The U Part 2” picks up where the original film left off, with the program trying to recover from the devastation left by NCAA sanctions and scandals that had some calling for the school to drop football. The Hurricanes rose from those ashes to win another national championship, only to face new controversies when a booster used a Ponzi scheme to win favor with the program.
– ESPN 30-For-30

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30 For 30: Rand University (Video)

Incredible ESPN docu-series 30 For 30 did an expo on former NFL phenom Randy Moss. Watch, and realize that Randy played in stadiums that could hold the population of his hometown nearly a hundred times over!

An exploration of Randy Moss’s incredible journey from isolated Rand, West Virginia, to NFL stardom.

Oh. And Rand University? Check out where it is. Man!

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ESPN: “Brian and The Boz” (Video)

Don’t know if you young’ns even get that commercial where Brian ‘The Boz’ Bosworth begs the kangaroo muppet and the dude and the cafe to take him back to college (with Matt Leinart and Heath Shuler in the adjacent booth, for Dish Network). But you watch this episode of ESPN’s 30-for-30 and you will understand why the former college football standout wants a do-over… in sports and in life.

Former Oklahoma and NFL linebacker Brian Bosworth looks back on the mistakes he made as his alter ego “The Boz,” and passes on the lessons he learned.

(Not trying to lay out any spoilers… but hey Boz, that ‘greatest linebacker’ sh!t… Bo don’t know nothing about that. Raider Nation baby! Just watch.)

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ESPN’s 30-for-30: Playing For The Mob (Full Documentary)

Oh yeah. This is as good as the trailer (posted here earlier) promised. Check out the FULL documentary above.

What happens when you combine “Goodfellas” with college basketball? You get “Playing For The Mob,” the story of how mobster Henry Hill — played by Ray Liotta in the 1990 Martin Scorsese classic — helped orchestrate the fixing of Boston College basketball games in the 1978-79 season. The details of that point-shaving scandal are revealed for the first time on film through the testimony of the players, the federal investigators and the actual fixers, including Hill, who died shortly after he was interviewed. “Playing For The Mob” may be set in the seemingly golden world of college basketball, but like “Goodfellas,” this is a tale of greed, betrayal and reckoning. Ultimately, they both share the same message: With that much money at stake, you can’t trust anybody.

“Goodfellas” meets college basketball? Hmmm… some Hollywood screenwriter is probably reading this and about to cash out. Just remember where you read it (the check goes to the address on the contact page)!

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30 For 30: Playing For The Mob (Trailer)

Screenshot 2014-09-22 03.04.08

In the upcoming 30 for 30 – “Playing for the Mob” – the Goodfellas and mobster Henry Hill tell the story of how they helped orchestrate the fixing of Boston College basketball games in the 1978-79 season. The fall run begins on October 7th, 9pm ET ESPN.


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ESPN Films 30 for 30 Shorts: The Unique Style & Fashion Of NBA Legend Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier (Video)

‘Clyde’ has been gliding smooth for decades! Now we know. Famed film director Nelson George spotlights Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier in the five-minute clip above. It touches on his on-court stylings with the New York Knicks back in the day then moves quickly from there to his being a style King of New York. Two things you gotta experience: the bumpy butter shoes in the beginning and the descriptive wordplay near the end.

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ESPN’s 30 For 30: Benji (Video)

Shout out to Jose3030 for providing the video for one of the most talked about stories in ESPN’s award winning 30 For 30 documentary series. The 78-minute feature “Benji” that aired last night tells the true story of rising Chicago basketball star Ben Wilson whose promising life & career was cut short due to senseless gun violence in the Windy City during the 1980s crack era. Click on his image above or the link below to watch this very poignant documentary….
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ESPN’s 30 For 30: The Fab 5 Documentary (Video)

ESPN’s 30 For 30: Straight Outta L.A. – The Raiders (Video)

The history behind the Raiders organization is one of the clear reasons why I’m an avid Raiders fan to this day. The Oakland Raiders are my favorite team in the NFL & there are many clear reasons why covered in the above documentary directed by Ice Cube. Although the focus of the documentary is on the years the team was in Los Angeles, the creed & belief system of the organization comes across.