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The Joe Budden Podcast Squad Struggles To Pick For Its ‘Best Rappers Of All-Time’ List (Video)

Joe, Rory, Mal and Parks talk about the ranks of the best rappers of all-time. And dude is gonna start with some potential sideways talk about Eminem… with Slaughterhouse Joe sitting right there?? Ohhh kaaay, let’s see how the rest of this convo goes.

A good amount of time spent on Cam’s (Cam’ron) placement in the rankings. Hmmm… Plus, interesting comments on the NY-South-everywhere else thing by Budden. Actually, a little bite to the words.

Remember: We’re out here in the ATL, Joe.


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Joe Budden & Cyn Santana Are Expecting (Video)

Wow. It’s like Joe and Cyn got on lock (see them declare it during an interview here) and started the clock… or should we say “timer” since Cyn Santana has that Budden bun in the oven. Check out the lovey dovey photo shoot and featurette above.

Here’s to happiness for the two; and happiness for us, too, if Joe (or some other worthy emcee) hops on that banging azz beat playing in the video.

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Do Regular Guys Still Have A Shot With Today’s Women? (Video)

Joe Budden is beginning to pick it up with the frequency of his JoeBuddenTV web discussions & this latest one is dealing with the topic of ‘Do Regular Guys Still Have A Chance?’. If I had a dollar for everytime this particular discussion was brought up in a barber shop, at the gym, in the workplace, or anywhere else I would no longer be a regular guy myself. I’d be one of those ballin’ ass negruhs making it difficult for the regular guys. Let’s be honest……A woman who’s been with some baller type like a Floyd Mayweather for any period of time is not going to want to go back to kicking it with a regular guy. I just don’t see it.