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Odell’s Roundtable: Love, Sex, & “Cuffin’ Season” (Video)

On this episode of Odell’s RoundTable the topic is “Cuffing Season”.  It is getting colder and people are going out less and want to snuggle up with someone.  What goes in to cuffing season?  Is this really a scenario where you are only dating someone for a Season rather than a Reason?  Do you let the person you know that this is temporary and not to catch any feelings?  What about you do you catch feelings or what happens if someone tells you this was only temporary?  The panel consists of host Odell along with Alita, Brittany (from ATL Remix show) & guest BoxMann.  Funny but informative discussion like always on the Round Table.  Follow the show on Twitter/Instagram and email them at


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Male & Female Relationships: “Does Size Matter” on Odell’s RoundTable [Podcast+Recap Video]

The Round Table is back with another episode for you to check out.  The topic of discussion is “Does Size Matter” of course there is an obvious thought when that phrase is said.  The discussion goes much further than just the sexual connotation including size of someone’s bank account weight size and more.  Moderated by host Odell joined by co-host Dre Day & guests Lady Godiva, Ali Rai, Lady T, and Sheriff Quick sure you will enjoy the discussion.  So listen, comment on SoundClud page and share with others.  Stay connected email the show ortshow@gmail and follow on Twitter @ORTSHOW

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Male & Female Relationships: Welcome To “Odell’s RoundTable” [Podcast + Introduction Video]

Welcome to the Round Table…. Odell’s Round Table, a place where real conversation happens between men and women. It seems like everywhere you turn someone is telling you about relationships giving their “expert” opinion. Who made these people experts? Are they really saying anything that you don’t already know? How about sitting some men and women in a room and talking about what’s going on and get a better understanding? You like how that sounds? If so, Welcome to the Round Table where Odell, an Atlanta based radio show host & visual artist will be stirring the quality discussion.

Odell will moderate the discussion along with his partner in crime “Dre Day” as they invite different ladies to join in & contribute to the issues. Listen to the first episode of the ORT Show where the topic is “First Date Rules”, what to do what not to do and we even have a drink of the week best for first dates. So watch the video learn more about the Round Table Go to Odell’s SoundCloud page follow the show on Twitter @ORTShow @ArtbyOdell.

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Tyrese Speaks On ‘Why Men Cheat’ (Video)

I agree with what Tyrese has to say on this topic…..Brothas talk about this all the time

Do Regular Guys Still Have A Shot With Today’s Women? (Video)

Joe Budden is beginning to pick it up with the frequency of his JoeBuddenTV web discussions & this latest one is dealing with the topic of ‘Do Regular Guys Still Have A Chance?’. If I had a dollar for everytime this particular discussion was brought up in a barber shop, at the gym, in the workplace, or anywhere else I would no longer be a regular guy myself. I’d be one of those ballin’ ass negruhs making it difficult for the regular guys. Let’s be honest……A woman who’s been with some baller type like a Floyd Mayweather for any period of time is not going to want to go back to kicking it with a regular guy. I just don’t see it.

Joe Budden TV Returns With ‘Dictate The Box’ Discussion on Sex & Relationships (Video)

Joe Budden damn sure has kept some dime females around him over the years. I seriously think ‘Jump Off Joe Beezy’ may understand women a lot more that the average male does because of his history in dealing with the some bad ass women. He’s arguably the hip hop version of Prince Nelson Rogers (when it comes to women). Of course we’re not comparing Joe Budden to Prince musically. That would be blasphemous. When it comes to the ladies though Joey is Charlie Sheen style #Winning. Check out this discussion he has with this young lady regarding relationships in this ‘Dictate The Box’ episode of what appears to be his renewed Joe Budden TV web series.