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Lebron James Historic Game 7 Highlights In Eastern Conference Finals (Video)

You see the headline. You’ve likely seen the game or heard cheers/lamentations about it by now. Well, relive the joy and/or pain of Game 7 (starring The James Gang aka Cleveland Cavaliers).

The Cavaliers defeated the Celtics, 87-79 tonight in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals to win the series 4-3 and advance to the NBA Finals. LeBron James led all scorers with 35 points (12 in 4th quarter) to go with 15 rebounds, 9 assists and 2 blocks for the Cavaliers.

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Ray Allen Knows His Move From Boston To Miami Was Hard On The Fans. But Management & Teammates, They Should Understand… It Was Business (Video)

Plain talk from former Celtics standout Ray Allen. Here he is in Shanghai, telling his side of the story. In essence, he is letting viewers & fans know that it wasn’t him wanting to leave Boston, it was the Celtics… not doing what it took to keep him there. No beef with nobody on his side, even though some folks apparently reeeeally had HEAT for him for taking his talents to South Beach.

Ray Allen spoke in an exclusive interview with Tencent’s Lisa Hsu about the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Paul Pierce and being a champion. Tencent, ESPN’s partner in China, is hosting its annual Super Penguin Basketball Celebrity Game in Shanghai.

Makes some good points in this interview. Pro sports is BUSINESS, not personal. And there is NO loyalty. The Celts could have dropped Allen, and that would be that; not a tear shed.

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Lakers Vs. Celtics (ESPN 30-For-30 Trailer)

We had no respect for ’em… none… zero!

“Lakers Vs. Celtics.” Bird vs. Johnson. Respect earned, but NO LOVE LOST! NOWWWW we go to school… Old school!!

Back in the day, in the ’80s, there were no damned exclusive ‘banana boat’ excursions or summer b-ball buddy camps with NBA rivals getting together. F**k no! There was PRIDE. There was WINNING. There was HATE – for the other team, and worse, for losing to them!

Purely rhetorical: How do you feel about today’s basketball? Are the rivalries fiery? Is it easy to get out of bed the next morning when your team loses? Do you think it really hurts your team’s players to their hearts when they lose?

Yeah. Bet money today’s game is nowhere near as raw as it was back then. And this ESPN 30-For-30 will show you real rivalry was lived by two of the NBA’s elite franchises.

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Basketball & Beyond: Former NBA Standout Kevin Garnett Reflects On His Career And More (Video)

Two Kevins. Two all-stars. Two Beantown Ballers. Two warriors of the hardcourt… Now off the hardcourt, Boston Celtics legend ‘Stuntman’ Kevin McHale talks with the Celtics’ ‘Big Ticket’ Kevin Garnett about getting into basketball, what he is doing nowadays now that he is out of basketball, the hardest game he ever played, and so much more!

(Start above, and check out much more after the jump.)

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Slam Dunks: Lebron James Amazing Posterizing Dunk Over Jason Terry

I thoroughly enjoyed this last night as I was rooting for the Miami Heat to keep their historic NBA winning streak alive versus the Boston Celtics. I noticed throughout the game how Boston Celtic’s Jason Terry appeared to be talking trash most of the game but Lebron James’ alley-oop dunk on Jason Terry clearly shifted the momentum of the rest of the game. Lebron’s subtle stare down while Jason Terry was on the ground made this all the more hilarious. #TEAMHEAT
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Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett Makes History On St. Patricks Day (Video)

“History was made in Denver tonight as Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics became the first player in NBA History with 20,000+ points, 10,000+ rebounds, 5,000+ assists, 1,500+ blocks & 1,500+ steals for a career!” – NBA

Kevin Garnett’s Crazy Post Game ‘Bar Fight’ Interview (Video)

Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett & his squad, minus Rajon Rondo & Ray Allen, won a wild game last night over the Orlando Magic after being down by 27 points. The boys in Beantown overcame the Orlando Magic 91-83 & “KG” was so amped up that by the time he got to Craig Sager for an interview he damn near started speaking in tongues about “Bar Fights” & even added that Charles Barkley knows about Bar Fights! Hahahaaaa! Hilarious!