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Bill Maher Tells The Real Truth About The So-Called ‘Sharing Economy’ On ‘Real Time’ (Video)

Really hope that you watch the dude Bill Maher from time to time. Biting commentary on the world today, mixed in with a lot of laughs – almost always at some dummy’s expense. In the clip above (case in point), the “dummy” is a bunch of “dummies” …US (as in United States)! Our so-called American Dream has historically featured so much greed that things got ugly. It still does – ever-increasing costs of living that stifle even the most modest attempts of most to make a life for themselves. We used to labor under the illusion of work-hard-so-one-day-you-can-play-hard. Not anymore. What’s worse is that we are no longer ‘in the streets’ trying to scare the 1% into some sense of fairness. Nope, we just got really smart about doing without; which in turn supports the rich’s pursuit of happiness… all while giving up our pursuit of anything like it. We now have a ‘sharing economy’ – in which we share rides (Uber) and vacay living space (Airbnb) – built on a vast number of us choosing to fake it since we’ve given up on ever making it to the ‘good life.’ See above, where Bill takes aim at the ‘darling’ Olsen twins; who’ve gone from playing with dolls to playing their workforce. A billion-plus dollar empire; and you can’t pay your interns even a little something?

The one thing we’re not sharing are the profits. Somehow they forgot to create an app for that.
Bill Maher


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Wal-Mart Could Help Eliminate Poverty By Sharing The Wealth… With Its Own Employees (Video)

Heartbreaking letter from LaRanda Jackson, a 20-year-old Wal-Mart employee who posted it to Alice Walton (heiress to Sam Walton’s Wal-Mart empire) on Wal-Mart’s “Hunger Games” Tumblr page.

I’m writing to you because it hurts to see the pain in my younger brothers’ eyes when we can’t afford food to fill their stomachs. Sure, they see that I’m working hard, taking the bus an hour each way to get to work at Walmart. Even though they know that things are tight right now, that our mom is often too sick to work, they just can’t understand why last year on Thanksgiving they didn’t get turkey and gravy like other kids their age.

But hey, what can Alice do? How could she help? All she did was inherit tons (literally) of money. Well, Walton family, listen to activist economist Robert Reich (above).

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