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Sports/Politics: Nick Wright’s Question For People Angered By The #TakeAKnee Movement: What Are You Actually Mad At? (Video)

I’m not gonna engage on the absurdity that we just ran a clip where a player quotes the President Of The United States, and we felt we needed to bleep it.
Nick Wright

Yeah. And this isn’t the first time the words of the POTUS have been ‘bleeped’… But let’s not engage in the folly for now.

Instead, let’s follow Nick’s lead. Let’s follow the line of reasoning, avoiding all the crazy and staying on that line… bypassing the false equivocations… walking past the baseless arguments of the Trumpeters and stepping over their misunderstandings, barreling through that wall protecting those who want to make ‘Murica great again, make football in ‘Murica great again, until we arrive at the heart of what those against the PEACEFUL #TakeAKnee movement are really against…

Because once we get to the end of that line of unreasonable, where folks in their feelings have nowhere to go and have to answer honestly about why they detest #TakeAKnee …”What Are You Actually Mad At?”

And before someone says it… we’re NOT going to ‘just stick to sports’ this time. I just want them to say the words.


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DL Hughley Salutes Co-Host Michael Smith And Others At ESPN For Having Jemele Hill’s Back At ESPN (Video)

Wow! If this is true… wow! Talk about sticking together. Michael Smith, risking his career, apparently told ESPN something like ‘I refuse to do the show if you let Jamele Hill go!’ He backed his co-host – willing to sacrifice his livelihood – and so did a small army of others. Yes, before ESPN could even consider kicking Smith out, too, Elle Duncan and Michael Eaves stepped on some ‘if they go, so do WE’ stuff. Even Michael Wilbon took some air time to vocalize strong support for Hill.

I really hope DL has the scoop on what is a true, and truly beautiful, story of solidarity. That’s how you get your people’s back!


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Roland Martin Chastises Bill O’Reilly For Not Respecting Colin Kaepernick’s Protest (Video)

Uh oh. Colin, you can drop back for a second and let brother Roland put the blitz on Billy [Bob] O’Reilly. Sacked him!! When Roland goes, “So, Bill, DAMN your book,” you KNOW the ‘turn up’ turned the corner!

Bill, what books are you reading?”

Roland Martin gave Bill O’Reilly a history lesson on patriotism and African Americans.

O’Reilly wants Colin Kaepernick to read his book about patriotism, but Martin, host of NewsOne Now says O’Reilly has it all wrong and offered a series of tiles that O’Reilly should read instead.

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Jesse Ventura Salutes Colin Kaeperkick’s National Anthem Protest (Video)

Former governor of Minnesota and veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, Jesse Ventura, speaks on the Colin Kaepernick controversy above. Some will be surprised at what he has to say. But most who know Ventura will think, “Yeah.”

We asked the former Navy SEAL what he thought about San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to protest during the national anthem by taking a knee.

Yeah. Hell yeah! So there is one of your so-called disrespected soldiers ‘Murica. Ventura fought for our right to protest; to take a stand. Or in Kaepernick’s case, a knee. Watch.

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Ashley Williams Feels Hilary Clinton Owes Us An Apology. She Wrote A Sign About It. Wanna See It? (Video)

Ashley Williams. Pretty bold. Plus, the topic (the framing of young Black people as ‘super-predators’ as then President Bill Clinton, ultimately signed a ‘Three Strikes” crime bill that locked thousands of them up) deserves national attention that it was not getting until this fundraiser protest move.

Hillary Clinton was at a fundraiser in South Carolina when a Black Lives Matter protester interrupted her speech. She held up a banner that had a pretty devastating quote from the candidate.

Cenk Uygur does make a good strategy point in his critique: If only Ashley could have gotten an answer from Former Secretary Clinton #WhichHilary #BlackLivesMatter

So…why’d she do it? Cenk talked about it. Watch the video straight from Ashley after the jump.

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Eyes on the Prize Parts 1 & 2 (Documentary Series)

Not to say that any print, audio, or audio-visual work is the end-all of what Black History Month should be… But if you have not watched the PBS American Experience documentary “Eyes On The Prize,” you have NOT had Black History Month! Above, you have your chance: Part 1 (“Awakenings”) and Part 2 (“Fighting Back”) are ready for your viewing and enrichment. Arguably, the best series on the decades-long American Civil Rights Movement. Filmmaker Henry Hampton and PBS have, no doubt, taken tremendous pride in bringing this presentation to the masses over the years.

Watch. Now.

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Talib Kweli And Bill Maher Discuss #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Interrupting Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign Speech (Video)

Bill Maher: Why Bernie Sanders? …If you’re gonna interrupt somebody… This guy had a hundred percent approval rating from the NAACP.
Talib Kweli: NAACP liked Donald Sterling, too.

And folks, that’s how we dig into a real conversation! Watch the video clip above and gain some perspective.

A while back, #BlackLivesMatter shut down a speech appearance by 2016 Presidential hopeful and leading American Progressive Bernie Sanders. Many disagreed with the women who took the mic. But EVERYONE paid attention, talked about it, talked about #BlackLivesMatter from many angles. Whether you ultimately agree or disagree with the tactic, Kweli does make a couple of solid points. The first, the duty of activist-protesters is to disrupt and gain the platform (which #BlackLivesMatter did LITERALLY). The second, NO candidate should take the Black vote for granted in 2016.

Very interesting. Do you agree with Kweli? Discuss…


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NYC Ferguson Protests (Mini-Documentary)

Ambient music as the backdrop for this moving picture portrait of the Ferguson-sparked protests that took place on the streets and bridges of New York (New York, USA). Improvised piano performed as the score by Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange.

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Wal-Mart Could Help Eliminate Poverty By Sharing The Wealth… With Its Own Employees (Video)

Heartbreaking letter from LaRanda Jackson, a 20-year-old Wal-Mart employee who posted it to Alice Walton (heiress to Sam Walton’s Wal-Mart empire) on Wal-Mart’s “Hunger Games” Tumblr page.

I’m writing to you because it hurts to see the pain in my younger brothers’ eyes when we can’t afford food to fill their stomachs. Sure, they see that I’m working hard, taking the bus an hour each way to get to work at Walmart. Even though they know that things are tight right now, that our mom is often too sick to work, they just can’t understand why last year on Thanksgiving they didn’t get turkey and gravy like other kids their age.

But hey, what can Alice do? How could she help? All she did was inherit tons (literally) of money. Well, Walton family, listen to activist economist Robert Reich (above).

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Activism: Talib Kweli Says The Hip-Hop Community Owes Mike Brown More Than Tweets


Shout to @Carmen_Breezy for bringing this story angle to our attention.

I’m not sure that Talib has fleshed out a plan to do so, but his latest Tweets show that he is compelled to do something more than Tweet. Kweli gave 10 Reasons Why Hip-Hop Artists Should Support Ferguson protests and community actions:

  1. Tweets that aren’t connected to a movement can lead one to falsely believe they’ve done enough. I need to put my money where my tweets are.
  2. People need to see that our leaders are more than Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Al and Jesse cannot control the narrative for us.
  3. Mike Brown loved Hip-Hop and wrote lyrics. He was a fan of Hip-Hop. The Hip-Hop community owes him.
  4. We need to direct attention from the very small amount of “looters” to the true community protestors. We need to take back the narrative.
  5. We need to show the community of Ferguson that we are willing to do more. We need to show them they don’t stand alone.
  6. Artists who make money off the community are obligated to be there when the community is being brutalized.
  7. I believe in love, compassion, the right to simply exist and due process for all.
  8. I have a son Mike Brown’s age. It could’ve been him.
  9. I could be next.
  10. What would Malcolm do?

Inherent within these reasons is a call for other artists to do more, too. More points than a plan, Kweli’s Tweets communicate that his ‘doing more’ starts with his actually going to Ferguson, Missouri. And I’m inclined to believe that this trek is about more than a photo op to him.

Kweli was very visible and vocal at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ – another movement that it made sense for him to join. Per one of his points, he looks to take back the narrative – a very powerful notion – and he could really use an expanded band of fellow Nation of Hip-Hop ‘Heads of State’ to help him do so. At the very least, Kweli (and others who join up) can shift media focus back to the protest in response to an injustice; rather than ad hominem ‘facts’ and character attacks that take attention from communication of the core issue message: A kid was killed AGAIN…by police officers abusing the power they have been given and abusing those they swore to protect AGAIN… and the kid that was killed just happened to be Black…AGAIN. Finally fed up, the people are massing in Ferguson to pressure the abusers and those who gave them power to stop killing our kids!

That is the message. Stay on topic, media. And if you need something to make reporting what matters ‘worthwhile’… ooh look, it’s that activist rapper, Talib Kweli! He is in Ferguson now…and look who’s joining him! News at 11.

(UPDATE: J. Cole and Nelly touched down in Ferguson.)


Cover Story: Park Security Officer Pepper Sprays, Handcuffs, And Removes A Man From A Protest… Who Was Not Protesting And Never Threw A Punch (Video)

Okay, even if you have NO idea what happened before the cam started capturing this action… you can tell the officers got this wrong. Like pepper-spraying-an-innocent-bystander wrong! Then rough-handle him wrong… then whisk him away, retreating into a “private” building wrong.

Demonstrators protest the violence in Gaza during a pro Palestine rally in Seattle. As protestors lined the sidewalks in Westlake Park, a pro Israel supporter walks by, harassing the demonstrators, yelling in peoples faces, screaming obscenities, and racial slurs. After crossing the street and harassing another group of demonstrators, the man tore off his shirt and began walking towards the group with fists clenched. As someone who wasn’t a part of the demonstration walked by, the pro Israel supporter turned and said something as he passed. The man then turned around as if he was going to swing, but thought better of it. The pro Israel supporter squared off with him, but a Westlake security guard who was watching the interaction pulled out his pepper spray, and sprayed the innocent passerby, grabbed him by the arm and tried to wrestle him to the ground. He was eventually led off into Westlake Center as SPD arrived on the scene.

A subset of the photos taken documenting the moments before the video are included after the jump (source). THEN go back and watch the video again. Let it sink in. Then Google this phrase: quis custodiet ipsos custodes? And watch it again.

I thought I’d make a crack about out of control security officers being frustrated for not being ‘real’ cops; not having real guns. Then I thought:

  1. I don’t hate on anyone doing her/his job (and some security officers actually do their jobs)
  2. I am SO glad that ALL the officer had was pepper spray (another gun on another authority figure could’ve meant another Black man dead in this case).

Shout to @Carmen_Breezy for dropping this lead in the inbox!


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Force Feeding Guantánamo Bay Prisoners: Yasiin Bey Filmed Undergoing the Gruesome Procedure (WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC) [Video]

Perhaps you’ve heard political banter making the case for closing ‘Gitmo’ (e.g. the American military detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba). Perhaps you dismissed it as something about which you, or no one your know, have no particular passion.

That changes today.

Recently released video of Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) on location in London, voluntarily participating in a demonstration of force-feeding procedure for Gitmo prisoners on hunger strike. WARNING: This visual presentation from director Asif Kapadia is DISTURBING. Please watch, if you feel you can. But know either way that this is happening… and that you should care.

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What Does ‘Gender Parity’ Mean? Women ‘Go Topless’ and Demonstrate in NYC (Video) [NSFW]


Above: Video of the ‘2012 Go Topless Day Rally’ In New York City. Started in 2007, the celebration and protest actually pushes an agenda of equal rights for the sexes in another way. Simply put, a breast is a breast – be it male or female. In fact, for the NYPD, ‘breast exposure is not considered public lewdness, indecent exposure, or disorderly conduct.’ In fact, the New York cops have been instructed to protect topless protesters like others marching for rights.

‘In 2007, Go Topless, a national organization supporting gender equality in shirtlessness laws, established Go Topless Day. Dozens of women protest – often topless – in thirty cities around the United States, promoting equal rights to be shirtless. Protests usually include chants of “Free your breasts. Free your minds” and a song “Let ‘em Breathe” to the tune of the Beatles’ “Let it Be.”

Policy Mic

Gotta love America. Top(less) to bottom! Watch the [Not Safe For Work] video after the jump.



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