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Jalen Rose & Jadakiss Talk About Artists’ Taking A Stand And Defending Their Music (Video)

Jada spoke on it: “All money isn’t good money.” It was good that Hip-Hop let EA Sports know that we stand with Kaep. Rappers can take a knee and take a stand, esp. when it comes to ‘mistaken’ censorship of their music.

(Hard to believe they called removing Kaep’s mentions in song lyrics a mistake.)

Jadakiss joins Jalen Rose to talk about the fact that Colin Kaepernick’s name was edited out of a verse in Madden 19 from a Big Sean song, and how the former San Francisco 49ers QB’s name was added back in after Big Sean’s complaints.

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Gaming: Madden ’18 Predicts A Winner For Superbowl LII In Its Teaser (Trailer)

Who you got for Super Bowl 52, Pats or Eagles? How about we watch this EA Sports Madden NFL 18 simulation first. Watching how things could ‘play’ out might sway your decision. Plus cool to watch.

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Madden 12 Preview (Video)

Today’s post will have an NFL flavor to it cause I’m EXTRA happy that football is back. We missed the Hall of Fame game, but tonight we finally get some AKSHUN. It’s kinda weird for the season to have started and I don’t have the new Madden yet so here is a preview.

Madden 12 Cover

We may not even have a football season, but that hasn’t stopped the good people at EA Sports from churning out their latest edition of the most successful sports game ever, Madden. Check the Special Hall of Fame edition cover with Marshall Faulk under the hood. Hey Hillis, you ever heard that cover is cursed?
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