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Matt Barnes & Stephen Jackson Really Speak Their Minds, On Their Podcast And On The Undefeated (Video)

Have you heard about their show on Showtime? You should check it out. A good time, a good time-waster, a good way to spend your time… Barnes and Jackson’s show “All The Smoke” vacillates between these states most of the time.

Former NBA stars Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson sit down with The Undefeated sports writer Martenzie Johnson to discuss walking away from the hardwood, the NBA now, medical marijuana and their new hit show, Showtime’s All The Smoke.

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Drink Champs: Matt Barnes (Video)

Stayed on probation for his 15-year NBA career, dedicated “medicater” (definitely not a weed hater)… Drink Champs has on Matt Barnes to speak on some of everything.

Matt Barnes discusses his former issues with Derek Fisher, developing a series about Death Row Records, retiring from the NBA, and more.

Interesting that he’s giving Death Row Records’ Suge Knight’s story daylight; coming to Starz soon if Matt can help it.

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Matt Barnes Talks About His Past, How He Was Presented [On Reality TV] And The Future (Video)

Barnes the former pro baller, to supporting actor, to reality TV’er… er… One might wonder why. But table that, at least long enough to find out why he is up at the station for the sit-down.

Matt Barnes Keeps It Real On Derek Fisher, Austin Rivers, & Huey Newton Movie.
– Hot 97

Okay. Interesting to watch actually. Check it out!

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