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Angie Martinez Speaks On And Shares Her Lost Interview With 2Pac

Hmm. last time the Interwebs were abuzz with talk of 2Pac and Hot 97 in the same breath was when it was ‘the world’ vs. Funk Flex ranting about the way Pac talked & moved while he was here. Folks pretty much took the view, “Flex, it’s been decades. Let it die.”

But time and again, we see that 2Pac and all things related come up and come back to life (so to speak).

Angie Martinez Details Meeting 2pac, Interviewing 2pac & Puffy Telling Her Not To Release Interview
– The Art Of Dialogue

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Diddy’s Former Bodyguard Speaks On Notorious B.I.G. Writing Some Of Lil Kim’s Rhymes And Keeping It Secret (Video)

You might file this under talking wreckless: Diddy’s former bodyguard saying Biggie did not want Puffy Combs aka Diddy to know he was Writing for Lil Kim. Keep in mind he (Gene Deal, the bodyguard), has that ‘The Last B.I.G. Night’ documentary coming out soon. So we’ll just leave this right here and step back. You decide.

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Finding Your Roots: LL Cool J & Puffy Explore Their Ancestry (Video)

Dr. Henry Louis Gates, as host of the long-running PBS series, “Finding Your Roots,” takes guests LL Cool J (aka James Todd Smith) and Puffy (aka Sean Combs) on a journey of exploration… of their family trees.

Uncover family mysteries about two legends of Hip-Hop through the use of DNA technology.
– PBS Video

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Diddy Speaks About His Late Father, Melvin Combs (Video)

Following ‘the Oprah model’ for certain, Diddy is putting himself out there in every way (reputation, finances, personal) to spur on his Revolt TV. In the above Confessions clip he opens up… about his dad – missing him, his murder and more.

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48 Hours With Diddy (Video)

I remember my homie Laquan was assigned to drive Diddy around in Atlanta a few times & he said he asked “Mr. Ciroc bwoy” himself how does he do it all.  Mr. Combs’ response was… “Just don’t stop. I don’t stop. I’m always moving at 100 miles an hour all the time”.  Check out this video of Diddy performing at a concert, hosting parties in NY & at a Connecticut casino, hitting NBA All-Star Weekend in Florida, & eventually flying out to the L.A. for the Oscars all in a matter of 48 Hours.

CÃŽROC – “Luck Be A Lady” (Video)

The makers of CÃŽROC Ultra Premium present the short film : Luck be a Lady featuring Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Frank Vincent, Eva Pigford, Michael K. Williams, Aaron Paul, Dania Ramirez, and Jesse Williams. Of course the short film is centered around one of my favorite Frank Sinatra songs & this mini-movie/ad is Directed by Anthony Mandler in Las Vegas for CÃŽROC Ultra Premium. It’s evident the theme they were going for borrows from the classic Rat Pack days when Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr, & the rest of their crew used to run Vegas…

Outside The Lines: The Friendship Of Shaquille O’neal & Biggie (Video)

The Greatest rapper alive died on March 9th…..2 more days will mark the anniversary of the late great Notorious B.I.G.’s death. In this interview Shaq talked about their friendship with each other & how March 9th will always have significant meaning to him.

Diddy’s Mercedes-Benz SuperBowl Ad Inspired By ‘Transformers’ (Video)