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All Things Must Pass (Trailer)

Some day someone will ask, “What’s a record store?” and no one will have an answer (other than ‘huh?’). That day is coming closer than ever… Has to, with the biggest artists only catering to the biggest outlets. Music sales being all online or mobile nowadays, that day will likely come and go with no real commemoration. Or maybe someone will recommend watching this “All Things Must Pass” film, looking into the rise and fall of super-fun, super-giant music store Tower Records. Check out the trailer above.

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Phonte Speaks On 360 Deals (Video)

Many new artists are still in search of a record deal with a major label instead of trying to maintain some type of independence with their art, but what many of them fail to realize is that almost all deals with major labels are “360” deals. For those of you who in the dark it simply means that the label gets a piece of everything you do from album sales, touring, & damn near everything else. In this particular interview Phonte gave his opinion on these contractual agreements that have now become the industry standard with the majors. Phonte is releasing his first solo album “Charity Starts At Home” on September 27th & with everything he’s said in this interview it’s not surprising that he’s dropping the album on his own Foreign Exchange Music label. Check out the lead single below….


Steve Stoute Speaks with Jay-Z, Pharrell, Jimmy Iovine, & Lady Gaga About How Culture Influences Business (Video)

Nas’s former business manager, Jay-Z’s current business manager, & corporate marketing guru, Steve Stoute is promoting his new book “The Tanning Of America” with this new webseries showing how the culture influences business & marketing opportunities that arise from the culture. In the above clip they touch on how negative & positive situations are birthed into significant business opportunities.

How Artists Can Sell 1 Million Albums But STILL Owe $500,000 (Video)

Spotted several people tweeting this link on twitter but I never got around to posting this up on the site. Very informative information for aspiring artists trying to learn the business. In 2011 my advice to aspiring artists is to stay as independent as possible before even thinking of doing any business with a record company. You’ll be able to make the music you want & potentially make way more money than you’d think.