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Drink Champs: Steve Stoute Speaks (Video)

So we got [Red Hot Lover]Tone… of Tone and Poke, of Trackmasters – production POWER, ’nuff said. And we got Steve Stoute Mr. Multi-Million Dollar-Dealing (like for Jay-Z, Kanye West, LeBron James, Tom Brady, and Mary J. Blige. Oh yeah, and Nas’ former manager.

So, yeah, the two came to drink good, smoke good… and talk about making hits back in the day and making a triumphant return to the music biz.

(And that ain’t all. Hit the jump for more!)

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Ultimate Industry Insider Steve Stoute And Kaz Speak On, Making Music & Marketing History And More (Video)

Steve Stoute – mogul, music exec, mover-and-shaker – has partnered with Kaz of and they are making a late major move, taking the online presence over to the print industry. Interesting, very interesting, as the media world seems to be moving off-page to online (e.g. the opposite direction). But we MUST hear these guys out; especially Stoute. Why?? Don’t tell us you don’t know about Stout’s marketing agency Translation LLC, the origin story of the tagline/jingle for McDonald’s “I’m Loving It” campaign, the State Farm ads…

Hmmm… if not, it would seem you have some Googling to do. But wait-wait. You can do a LOT of catch-up by just watching this interview (above). There is SO much more to tell, too. Hear these folks tell it!

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The Tanning Effect: Steve Stoute Interviews Pharrell (Video)

Steve Stoute interviews music producer, artist, & fashion guy Pharrell Williams on everything from music, how he’s influenced some fashion trends, Michael Jackson, & damn near everything else…
Part 2 & 3 under the hood…
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Jay-Z’s Business Consultant & Partner Steve Stoute Interviews Him On ‘The Tanning Effect’ Part Two (Video)

This is part two of Steve Stoute’s interview with his client Jay-Z for his ‘The Tanning Effect’ series…


Jay-Z’s Manager Steve Stoute Interviews Him On ‘The Tanning Effect’ Part One (Video)

Black In America – Hip-Hop and Business (Video)

In the series Black in America, CNN walks people through many aspects of the black experience in this country. In this episode Steve Stoute talks about his book The Tanning Of America: How the Culture of Hip-Hop Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy and Hip Hops affect on the nation. They weigh the commercial aspects against the origins of the music. We also get a cameo from Ultra Beast (Senor Kaos & 4ize) & producer Floyd the Locsmif.

Steve Stoute Speaks On The Cool Of James Bond (Video)

“In this preview of the Life Files exclusive sit down with Steve Stoute on the release of his new book “The Tanning Of America”, Steve tells a story from the book about one of the best nights in his life. At dinner at a private restaurant in Monaco joined by Jay-Z, Jimmy Iovine, Bono, Sir Roger Moore and his wife, Steve discovered that the same attitude hip hop possessed was something even the legendary Roger Moore, one of the most famous James Bond series actors, could identify with. Did we mention Roger said “f*@% William Shatner” aka Captain Kirk….? – The Life Files

Steve Stoute Speaks with Jay-Z, Pharrell, Jimmy Iovine, & Lady Gaga About How Culture Influences Business (Video)

Nas’s former business manager, Jay-Z’s current business manager, & corporate marketing guru, Steve Stoute is promoting his new book “The Tanning Of America” with this new webseries showing how the culture influences business & marketing opportunities that arise from the culture. In the above clip they touch on how negative & positive situations are birthed into significant business opportunities.