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50 Cent on Wall Street Journal (Video)

People don’t give 50 enough credit for how smart this guy really is. It’s bigger than just trying to become a billionaire & not having some type of affect on your community. This was a great interview largely because it’s evident that 50 is an artist that makes most of his own decisions & is clear about what his goals are unlike most of these so called mega rich artists who have someone doing all the thinking for them. What you usually have are these artists endorsing products they don’t even believe in or are detrimental to the communities they serve. Although it would be nice to become a billionaire, that doesn’t bring a person to true happiness.

Jay-Z’s Manager Steve Stoute Interviews Him On ‘The Tanning Effect’ Part One (Video)

Black In America – Hip-Hop and Business (Video)

In the series Black in America, CNN walks people through many aspects of the black experience in this country. In this episode Steve Stoute talks about his book The Tanning Of America: How the Culture of Hip-Hop Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy and Hip Hops affect on the nation. They weigh the commercial aspects against the origins of the music. We also get a cameo from Ultra Beast (Senor Kaos & 4ize) & producer Floyd the Locsmif.

Steve Stoute Speaks with Jay-Z, Pharrell, Jimmy Iovine, & Lady Gaga About How Culture Influences Business (Video)

Nas’s former business manager, Jay-Z’s current business manager, & corporate marketing guru, Steve Stoute is promoting his new book “The Tanning Of America” with this new webseries showing how the culture influences business & marketing opportunities that arise from the culture. In the above clip they touch on how negative & positive situations are birthed into significant business opportunities.