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Open Mike Eagle x Percy Miracles – “Heaven Application” (Video)

If you haven’t gotten around to catching The New Negroes on Comedy Central, put that on your to-do’s soon. Baron Vaughn, Open Mike Eagle & Phonte (aka Percy Miracles) are doing some good (and funny) work over there.

Even if you’ve been a great person your whole life, Mike and Percy Miracles are here to tell you why that’s not enough to get you into Heaven.
– Comedy Central Stand-Up

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Comedy: George Wallace Doesn’t Like Morgan Freeman Because He ‘Stole’ All His Movie Roles (Video)

Don’t be laughing… This sh!t is true I’m making up!

This performance clip by the oldest of the New Negroes, George Wallace, is HILARIOUS!

George Wallace admits to being jealous of Morgan Freeman, admonishes the people of Los Angeles and talks about bumping into Fetty Wap and Waka Flocka Flame.
– Comedy Central Stand-Up

Cinnamon and brown sugar on it… on ANYTHING… and you gone eat it! Amen, Brother George. Women, y’all better add cinnamon and brown sugar to that grocery list ASAP.


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Open Mike Eagle x Phonte – “Woke As Me” (Prod. By Bionik) [Video]

Proper combo of silliness and superb lyricism. The wordsmithing and witticism from Phonte and Open Mike Eagle come through on this. Good look for Comedy Central and for Hip-Hop!

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Open Mike Eagle – “Celebrity Reduction Prayer” (Prod. By Oddisee)

“Watch me smash all of these idols / Got my own heavyweight title / There’s no upper tier, we’re all peers / Unless y’all want to be rivals”
Open Mike Eagle

Nice! Instead of using his 4 minutes of fame on simple braggadocio, Open Mike Eagle offers this “Celebrity Reduction Prayer” on behalf of us all… trying to get these idols (that we made, doh!) off their high horses and pedestals. And for any celeb feeling some kind of way, you see the quote. Go See the Eagle about it. Better yet, don’t. You’ll just get hit with those bars he has; and a lyrical azz whuppin doesn’t make for good selfies or viral videos. Hahaaa!

Music produced by Oddisee. Song appears on the full length release “Persona” (out now).


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