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The Dips Rate Proper Skin Care, Fatherhood, And Plant-Based Diets ‘Overrated’ Or ‘Underrated’ (Video)

Okay, so we are letting crews triple-team the Over/Under thing now. Matters not. We still learn about the interviewees through their answers.

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GZA Rates Republicans, White Castle, And Killer Bees As ‘Overrated’ Or ‘Underrated’ (Video)

Save the bees!

Interesting Over/Under answers. Though GZA says he has never seen a ‘sexy nun’ he did slip a slick line in about them, whether he realized it or not… that reference to them making a ‘habit’ of what they wear (e.g. nuns wear habits, get it?).


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Erykah Badu Rates Aliens, Period Tracker Apps, And Porky Pig As ‘Overrated’ Or ‘Underrated’ (Video)

Everybody loves Fred Flintstone. And those who don’t are f**king idiots.

Yoooooo! Start this interview hardcore from jump! Actually, this is just Erykah Badu being real… about Fred Flintstone… and more in this episode of Over/Under.

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Comedy: Ghostface Killah Speaks On ‘Serious’ Topics Of The Day – Obama, Cosby And More (Video)

The microchip is real. This ain’t fake baby… Neither is your man Tony Starks, even when he is being funny. Skydiving, foot massages, police “protecting and serving” and so much gets touched in a relatively short clip.

“He put in work. He just gotta f#ck problem…Bill shocked me…”
Ghostface Killah

Ghost said dudes shouldn’t do ballet and The Coz was wildin’ out back in the day. Wow. The range. Random as hell; but you cannot help but watch to the end.

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