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The Dips Rate Proper Skin Care, Fatherhood, And Plant-Based Diets ‘Overrated’ Or ‘Underrated’ (Video)

Okay, so we are letting crews triple-team the Over/Under thing now. Matters not. We still learn about the interviewees through their answers.

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GZA Rates Republicans, White Castle, And Killer Bees As ‘Overrated’ Or ‘Underrated’ (Video)

Save the bees!

Interesting Over/Under answers. Though GZA says he has never seen a ‘sexy nun’ he did slip a slick line in about them, whether he realized it or not… that reference to them making a ‘habit’ of what they wear (e.g. nuns wear habits, get it?).


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Erykah Badu Rates Aliens, Period Tracker Apps, And Porky Pig As ‘Overrated’ Or ‘Underrated’ (Video)

Everybody loves Fred Flintstone. And those who don’t are f**king idiots.

Yoooooo! Start this interview hardcore from jump! Actually, this is just Erykah Badu being real… about Fred Flintstone… and more in this episode of Over/Under.

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AraabMuzik Performs “Streetz Tonight” Under ‘Surveillance’ (Video)

YOOOOO! Somebody holler at AraabMuzik! Get him over here! This “Streetz Tonight” joint that AraabMuzik put together is so dope I need an audio copy of it so I can hit repeat on it!!! Not playing. Neither is this music! All you gotta do is click and… “You are now listening to AraabMuzik.” 
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