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Do Not Resist (Trailer)

Damn. Come September 2016, film producer David Menschel is gonna give us yet another look at ourselves that some (maybe the majority) of us do not want to see. But we HAVE to! When will the U.S. police forces realize that when your tool of choice is a hammer, everything looks like a nail? To break that down to simple compounds: When all you have to respond to even civil ‘threats’ is a MILITARIZED police force, you confront an unarmed gathering with an overly armed force… With sticks and stones they may threaten to break cops’ bones… so why not run ’em the f*ck over with our new tanks??!

See Rand Paul, yeah even Rand Paul, say the cops’ Army toys are NOT to be used in riot suppression? Let alone against unarmed, lawful protestors? Wow. Watch the trailer.

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Punchlines That Sting: Comedian John Oliver Delivers Biting Commentary on The Mike Brown Shooting & Subsequent Protests (Video)

Comedian John Oliver put on a clinic on how you deliver stinging social commentary as thinly veiled comedy. VERY thinly veiled. On the last episode of his Last Week Tonight show on HBO, he spent a huge chunk of the show talking all things Ferguson. The delivery vehicle – a satirical news-formatted TV broadcast – puts viewers (except for hardened Conservatives dead set against the Liberal-leaning Brit they know from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show With Jon Stewart) in a “hey-you-gotta-be-able-to-laugh-at-things” mode to start. He expertly pulls some chuckles in his segment about the recent events – Mike Brown’s fatal shooting by Ferguson (Missouri) cops, the brutality and militarization of American police departments, etc. But he kept raising the temperature on the presentation until his beef with the entire situation was well cooked. Smoke. Fire. BURN!

Sure, we laugh. But it ain’t funny. John knows…and he let the viewer know he knows this is some bullsh!t.

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