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Captain America: Civil War (Trailer)

Okay, Cap and Falcon found Bucky… not The Winter Soldier… good ol’ Bucky! So, all’s well and we can hug and go home right? Aw hell naw. All HELL is about to break loose! Can you say love at first sight? The Captain America side of the Marvel Universe movies has always put incredible stories and action up on the big screen, and it looks like this “Civil War” installment will not disappoint on that front! Cap and Iron Man going IN… on each other? War! And is that Black Panther?? RAW!

Check out the trailer above. And do not make ANY other plans for May 6, 2016.

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DJ Premier Breaks Down the Gang Starr Logo, ‘Mass Appeal’ and More (Video)

How appropriate for Mass Appeal channel to have Premo on deck to give personal history like this. With “Mass Appeal” spinning in the background, and DJ Premier talking to the lens, we get the straight dope from one of the dopest. Click play and learn about the creation, evolution and finalization of the Gang Starr insignia and how Premier and Gang Starr fam KNEW “Mass Appeal” was hot before radio and the world would prove them right. R.I.P. to Keithy E the Guru.

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