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Portland Water Pipes Bring Water And Power To The People Around The Clock (Video)

Like any reasonable person needed another reason for the country to invest in upgrading its infrastructure.

These awesome pipes generate power from drinking water.
– Our Planet

We need our pipes replaced anyway. Replace them with pipes that generate power while moving that water better. Brilliant!


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Technology: Whirlpool Turbines Designed To Provide Renewable Energy For Small Communities (Video)

We’ve seen this work on a large scale… Hoover Dam and others… where you wall up a huge reservoir of water and then let it go; the force of the waterfall spinning a turbine that generates electricity. It is all about turning potential into kinetic energy and harnessing the power.

So what if we could do that on a smaller scale? Oh wait, this is no longer a ‘what if’ thing. This is a ‘why not’ thing. And it is awesome!

Clean, renewable, no harm to inhabitants (including the fish), and only one moving part. Genius!


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Power To The People: Most Of This Texas Town’s Energy Comes From Wind And Solar (Video)

How about that! A Conservative “red” town, in the “red” state of Texas, is walking the renewable energy talk for real! Did the city’s Mayor Dale Ross say that Georgetown was “90% renewable” right now? Like not in talks or planning to be, but currently 90% renewable???

In From the Ashes, Dale Ross, the Mayor of Georgetown, TX, talks about his city’s commitment to a renewable energy future— as that’s what’s best for his residents.
– National Geographic


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How Much Land Would It Take To Power The Entire USA With Solar Energy? (Video)

Hmmm… Solar-powered America for all… laid out plain and simple. Of course, none of this is as plain or simple as the video implies. But I like how it defies any doubters of the concept’s doability. The U.S. made it to the moon (or convinced the world it did, for any alternative history theorists out there) in seven years once President Kennedy set the country’s direction & ambitions toward the goal. This can be done!

But will it be?


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Technology: Transparent Solar Cells Designed To Turn Invisible UV Rays Into Renewable Energy Gains We Can See (Video)

Research at Michigan State University has yielded designs for a transparent solar panel capable of capturing solar energy. Professor Richard Lunt, MSU assistant professor and head of the research team, believes that the panel can be used in a variety of ways – like on tall buildings with lots of windows or mobile devices. The ultimate goal is to harvest solar energy via surfaces in such a way that people do not even notice (according to a press statement from Lunt).

Most solar panels capture visible spectrum light, letting invisible ultraviolet waves – the bigger portion of the spectrum – go to waste. The transparent luminescent solar concentrator (TLSC) doesn’t capture visible light, but non-visible ultraviolet waves are absorbed by the device, converted, and sent to the edge of the concentrator, where photovoltaic (PV) solar cells convert light energy to electricity.

One caveat: Right now the TLSC is performing at around 1% efficiency, but the MSU team believes that 5% optimization is achievable. Currently, non-transparent luminescent concentrators (current tech) max out at 7% efficiency.

But before you get pessimistic about the low numbers, compare them to using ZERO percent of the abundant untapped energy that we are being drenched in daily!

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Science: Massive Solar Wind Energy Tower To Be Built By 2018 (Video)

Incredible innovation in the field of renewable energy on the horizon; and it only took about three-and-a-half decades to bring the idea to life. Patented in 1975, execution of plans to build a $1.5 billion solar-wind power tower is underway in Arizona (scheduled completion in 2018). It will be the tallest free-standing structure in America and generate (on average) almost as much as the country’s smallest nuclear reactor… but create zero nuclear waste! Energy sourced by generating wind using hot air, cooled by sprays of fresh water, flowing through turbine tunnels.


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