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TEE – “Bacc 2 Bacc” (Prod. By Teezo Touchdown)

YES! New music from TEE makes me happy. Getting to share it with you here, even happier! Check out this “Bacc 2 Bacc” joint off his “Free Jody Pt. 1” mixtape in the stream. More info on TEE after the jump, but just jump on this right now.

Forever grateful that TEE blessed a mixtape near-and-dear to me back in the day; the same one that BoneBreaker Jones, Big Piph, NatStar, PhoBro of GreaseKydz, and SkyBlew did (the ‘Livin Proof’ Re-Booth project linked on here a while back). I’m a fan stan of them all, TEE included!



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Sydney Hopes – “All I Need”

What is so incredibly dope about a real community of artists is that they look out for each other AND the art! I have been following emcee and viral sensation Keith ‘Full Klip’ Wallace for a couple of years now, because he is always about #BARZ (specifically ‘barz over bullsh!t’). Get to know Keith on Facebook definitely.

But I want you to check this new up-and-coming rapper going viral out of Houston, Texas, USA. Keith was out there shooting his video, handling his business, and this guy… let’s call him Sydney Hopes (because that’s what he goes by). Yeah, Keith pointed his phone cam at this guy and told him to ‘go’ and Sydney ‘went’… viral!! Off-top rhyming from the drop to a beat coming from the dash of the car he was standing next to.

Barely 15 minutes into the webcast and Sydney Hopes was well on his way to over 20,000 Facebook views. Keith’s followers (me included) were accustomed to tuning in and catching #BARZ when he’d post a video, but this new guy brought new energy and BUZZ to a barz-at-the-car show.

Sydney Hopes is DOPE! Cats like this is why I stay eff’n with Indie Hip-Hop, and it won’t stop. I sent a request and Sydney added me. We chopped it up, and he sent me some FIRE. Here’s one he agreed to put up on the Cloud entitled “All I Need.”

Just something to get yall ready for the stuff I’m about to put out!!! Prod by @AlawnMusic beat by @JAAYSN
Sydney Hopes

Hit the jump for more on Sydney Hopes and to see the Facebook live footage that went viral.



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A Choir Comes From Texas To Sing “Lean On Me” And Jimmy Fallon Puts A Million Dollars In The Collection Plate For Hurricane Harvey Relief (Video)

Now THAT’S how you use your platform! Salute to JJ Watt of the Houston Texans and to Jimmy Fallon. That fund Watt has going to aid victims of Hurricane Harvey keeps growing a million bucks at a time, and The Tonight Show just added another million!

On top of that, Jimmy invited a Houston area Gospel choir to come take his audience to church in less than 5 minutes flat. If you’ve never been ‘full’ from some good church singing… get ready for that and press play above.


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Power To The People: Most Of This Texas Town’s Energy Comes From Wind And Solar (Video)

How about that! A Conservative “red” town, in the “red” state of Texas, is walking the renewable energy talk for real! Did the city’s Mayor Dale Ross say that Georgetown was “90% renewable” right now? Like not in talks or planning to be, but currently 90% renewable???

In From the Ashes, Dale Ross, the Mayor of Georgetown, TX, talks about his city’s commitment to a renewable energy future— as that’s what’s best for his residents.
– National Geographic


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College Football Field Transforms Into Tuition-Paying Farm (Video)

Now, I’ll holler at any TV screen showing a college football field being put to good use. Before now, I thought that that was filling the field with high-powered, pounding offense and aggressive defense, with all the scores and collisions that come along with those. Gotta admit though. This…pretty good idea. Greens will grow, just like grass did. If you’re not pushing a sled down that field, dig it up and push a plow up it. Sow and harvest. Address the nearby food dessert (where residents have very limited access to fresh produce) AND fund higher education to boot.

Awesome. Simply awesome.


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Breaking: Huge Tornado In Dallas, Texas Tosses 18-Wheelers Into The Sky Like Toys (Video)

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Countdown To Super Bowl XLV: Jerry Jones Gives A Tour Of The New Stadium

We’re just one week away from Super Bowl XLV with the Pittsburgh Steelers taking on the Green Bay Packers down in Dallas Texas. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would have liked to see his Cowboys play a SuperBowl in the new stadium but quite frankly the ‘Cowgirls’ sucked this year. No pun intended. At least the Cowboys organization can be proud of the awesome stadium they get to play in week in & week out. Most of us will not be able to get in the stadium to see the Super Bowl, but at least we can enjoy the tour ‘ol Jerry gives in the video above. Super Bowl XLV kicks off next Sunday February 6th. Go Steelers