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GZA (of Wu Tang Clan) Speaks, Rhymes, And Drops Science At TEDxTeen (Video)

We’ve posted on GZA’s appreciation for the sciences before, but here at TedxTeen we see Genius in exploration and lyrical expression about science as a way to unlock the wonders of the universe. Watch. GZA loves the kids, and apparently he would love the kids to develop a love of science like he has at an earlier age. The kids spit. RZA flows. Knowledge and inspiration are shared. Great stuff!

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Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA Raps About Science (Video)

Now, this is edu-tainment (word to KRS-ONE)! Check it as the GZA shows his genius on PBS Television. How about that: GZA dropping science on Public Television! Yeah, I said it! But don’t take my word for it…

‘Rap legend GZA gives us a sneak peak of one of the songs from his new album, “Dark Matter.” The rapper has encouraged New York City public schools use Hip-Hop as a tool to teach science.’

– PBS Newshour


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Technology: Science That ‘Plays Your Brain Like a Videotape’

Okay. Technology is REALLY taking the ‘fiction’ out of science fiction. Let Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg, an associate editor at The Atlantic, ‘drop some science’ on you:

‘Our senses take in a vast array of sights and sounds every day, sparking activity in our neural circuits in corresponding patterns. Now, scientists are developing ways to decode these patterns and recreate the original audiovisual stimuli — not unlike the video playback of a VHS tape. This episode of Science Bytes explores some of the research in this field.’

Last year, scientists at the University of California Berkeley demonstrated that they could reconstruct the YouTube videos their research subjects were watching by analyzing fMRI scans of their brain activity. The video above is a shot-by-shot comparison between the video presented to the subjects and the video reconstructed by scientists brain scans. See how close the scientist got to what subjects saw…just by scanning their brain waves? Now, the episode write-up (and its included links) go MUCH DEEPER into the science; but let me lift another passage that will cut to the chase:

‘It’s not hard to imagine a cyborg future in which we can “make movies with our brains,” to quote music video directors Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan.’

In a word: WOW!


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Harvard Scientists Borrow From Squids To Create A Flexible Robot (Video)

Scientists at Harvard have created a flexible robot that can crawl in & out of tight spaces. The scientists says they came up with the idea simply at looking at mother nature’s design of squids & other extremely flexible species within the animal kingdom. I think they borrowed from the claymation character Gumby. Gumby may not like the idea of not getting credited for the robot’s design. Afterall….he’s Gumby Dammit!