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The Massive Bootlegging Of Nas’s Classic ‘Illmatic’ Album


Interesting share from Revolt TV, appropriately timed with the release of “Illmatic XX”Nas’ 20-year commemoration of his legend-establishing album “Illmatic.” Taking us back to 1994 with talk about the classic’s release, MC Serch and Faith Newman tell us how far bootleggers and music fans would go to get their hands on the eventual G.O.D.MC’s LP.

Newman – a former A&R at Columbia Records and the executive producer responsible for wrapping up “Illmatic” and releasing it to the world ahead of schedule – explained, “We would’ve liked to record more stuff, but we had to get it out in a hurry, because there were so many bootleg copies. Like so many.”

MC Serch goes on to admit, “We were breaking into garages in the Bronx, because counterfeiters had 70,000 cassettes of “Illmatic,” with a drawing of Nas on a cross, crucified…And Donnie Einer, who was the chairman of Columbia, calling me like, ‘Yo, we’re pushing up the release date.'”

These are stories behind the story of an album, that took nearly two years to record, rushed out to beat back the bootleggers already in the marketplace with copies.

Today, leaks and copies (digital quality, of course) in the hands of the masses… well, that’s just what is… but back then when there was barely an Interweb and no mp3’s… This was insane!


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Serch Freestyles and Talks About His New Talk Show on Arsenio Hall (Video)

With a new talk show to promote, 3rd Bass’ MC Serch shows up on Arsenio Hall’s couch. You know… to promote… and FREESTYLE rhyme for the studio and TV audience. You gotta watch. This is definitely off the top of the head. No arguments about whether or not this qualifies as freestyling. Golden Era representative! Check local listings for air times for Serch’s talk show. Check after the jump for an interview clip.

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3rd Bass’ MC Serch Launches His New Day-Time Talk Show (Video)

Whew! It’s official. The last blip on MC Serch’s timeline will NOT be hosting the ‘White Rapper’ show. Dude has a talk show. Yeah, really. Watch the “Need a Parent, Not a Player” episode above.

(I know ’90s era 3rd Bass fans were hoping that Don Newkirk would do his thing as announcer, like on “Gas Face,” and bring Serch out each show but nah.)

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3rd Bass Reunites After 13 Years (Video)

The emcee wearing glasses is MC Serch. Pimp walking the stage with the fancy umbrella, Prime Minister Pete Nice. On the tables, THE DJ ‘Daddy’ Rich. Incredible. It’s like these guys haven’t lost a lyric, a spin or a step on stage after a more than 13-year hiatus. Respect! The Brooklyn crowd got a treat that night, with 3rd Bass running a set of classic favorites.

BONUS: After the jump, we go back 13 years…

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