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Leslie “Big Lez” Segar Speaks On Nas’ & “Illmatic” (Video)

I listen to music, obviously, from my hips rather than my ears, because I’m a dancer…

And what lovely hips they are, Leslie. Make me wanna sing to them. Have mercy!

Give me a late pass… mainly because Big Lez is so gaaadaaamn SEXY! Plus she is speaking on Nas’ “Illmatic” as one of her ‘Best Albums’ ever. So appropriate that this happened to be Episode 25 in a series since this is the 25th year since the release of “Illmatic.”

Leslie #BigLez Segar picks #Nas’ #Illmatic for her episode of #BestAlbums. The #Queens #NewYork #dancer & #radiohost explains why she feels a #deep #connection to the #album. She also talks about the power of #NYStateOfMind #LifesABitch & #TheWorldIsYours, as well as the production work of #DJPremier #PeteRock & #QTip.
– Unique Access Ent.

Great interview! And I remember the ‘wooooow’ feeling I got when I learned that that was Nas’ dad playing him out on “Life’s A B!tch.” Beautiful song!


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Nas – “Illmatic” (Live From The Kennedy Center) [Album]

Dropped this on vinyl (limited edition) right on time for Record Store Day 2018. Hope it was a good one for all the heads out there. In case you missed it, or the PBS special featuring Nas at The Kennedy Center, we got you right here!


Nas Speaks On His Upcoming “Live From The Kennedy Center” Special On PBS (Video)

That “Nas: Live From The Kennedy Center” will be on PBS before you know it. You saw the trailer on here (link). Well here’s an NPR interview regarding that with the G.O.D.M.C.

DJ Scratch Declares Nas’ “Illmatic” The Best Hip-Hop Album Ever (Video)

DJ Scratch says “Illmatic” was the best complete Hip-Hop album ever! It is not a unique stance, but watching the video above will give you the sense that he’d take a strong stance against anyone who’d say otherwise.

#DJScratch selects #Nas’ #Illmatic for his #BestAlbums selection. The #Brooklyn #DJ-#producer explains how Nas’ first album changed rap & why the production from #DJPremier #LargeProfessor #QTip #PeteRock was so groundbreaking. Hit us up in the comments section and let us know what you think.

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Nas’ “Time Is Illmatic” Documentary Is Going Up On Big Screens Worldwide (Video)

Screenshot 2014-08-29 23.41.23

Hip-Hop is worldwide. You know that The Nation is worldwide, right? So, why wouldn’t the documentary talking about 20 years of the G.O.D.M.C. Nas’ definitive work – “Time Is Illmatic” – be distributed to a worldwide/international audience. Well, it will be. Tribeca Film acquired the distribution rights to make it so. October 3, 2014. Get ready world.

You can watch the trailer we posted here earlier in April
or click the pic above for the brand new Quicktime version.

Behind The Scenes: Nas – “Represent” (Video)

There’s a YouTube studios? Hmm. Well, what’s really cool is the dopeness that’s about to come out of there. Apparently, they reviewed more than eighty finalists’ video treatments to pick one worthy director’s entry…to do a video for the single off Nas’ “Illmatic” entitled “Represent.” It’s been 20 years, but rather than dwell on what took so long, join us in anticipating how this is so right for Hip-Hop. Check out the behind-the-scenes vid above. And you can pick up Nas’ “Illmatic XX” via the link below.


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Nas Speaks On The Development And Timelessness Of The “Illmatic” LP And More On HuffPost Live (Video)

Ever wonder where the term “Illmatic” even came from? If, so you have at least one reason to watch Nas’ interview on HuffPost Live.

Celebrating the week of “Illmatic XX,” Nas stopped by Huffpost Live to look back at his debut opus approaching its Friday anniversary. The Legendary artist, opened up about his mindset heading into the project thinking it would be a big album for the year and 5 years down the line, but never pictured the project to stand the test of time 2 decades later now. While reflecting on his career and the current state of hip-hop, Sincere went on to touch on how his on-wax beef with JAY Z changed the landscape for hip-hop becoming all battle. Continue below to watch the rest of the interview and be sure to look for the premiere of his upcoming documentary “Time Is Illmatic” running at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival now until April 27th in NYC.

– Huffington Post


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Nas – “Time Is Illmatic” (Documentary) [Trailer]

It has been 20 years since the release of Nas’ “Illmatic.” Remember when we told you the “Illmatic XX” drops April 15, 2014? Well, a documentary on “Illmatic” and its impact – “Time Is Illmatic” – is debuting at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival’s opening night movie (April 16, 2014).



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Nas, Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolBoy Q And More Speak On The Influence And Impact Of “Illmatic” 20 Years After Its Release (Video)

“I’ll always be a fan and a student of his work.” – Kendrick Lamar on Nas

Good one Google Play.

Check out our special feature with Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q and more as they reflect on the twentieth anniversary of “Illmatic.”

Watch this clip: “Illmatic” struggled to sell gold. Struggled… Think about that while you consider what has gone platinum since. Just saying. Wow…

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The Massive Bootlegging Of Nas’s Classic ‘Illmatic’ Album


Interesting share from Revolt TV, appropriately timed with the release of “Illmatic XX”Nas’ 20-year commemoration of his legend-establishing album “Illmatic.” Taking us back to 1994 with talk about the classic’s release, MC Serch and Faith Newman tell us how far bootleggers and music fans would go to get their hands on the eventual G.O.D.MC’s LP.

Newman – a former A&R at Columbia Records and the executive producer responsible for wrapping up “Illmatic” and releasing it to the world ahead of schedule – explained, “We would’ve liked to record more stuff, but we had to get it out in a hurry, because there were so many bootleg copies. Like so many.”

MC Serch goes on to admit, “We were breaking into garages in the Bronx, because counterfeiters had 70,000 cassettes of “Illmatic,” with a drawing of Nas on a cross, crucified…And Donnie Einer, who was the chairman of Columbia, calling me like, ‘Yo, we’re pushing up the release date.'”

These are stories behind the story of an album, that took nearly two years to record, rushed out to beat back the bootleggers already in the marketplace with copies.

Today, leaks and copies (digital quality, of course) in the hands of the masses… well, that’s just what is… but back then when there was barely an Interweb and no mp3’s… This was insane!


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HBO: Real Time With Bill Maher Welcomes Nas (Video)

I knew Bill Maher would ask Nas about his collaboration record with Jay Z called “Black Republican.” When the song first came out I knew it wasn’t titled properly in my opinion, but if you’re an astute listener then you know that Nas has never said he feels like a “Black Republican.” in the song. While Jay Z was proclaiming to feel like a “Black Republican,” Nas made it clear in the songs chorus that he leans on the side of the “Black Militant” taking over the government. Nas didn’t throw Jay Z under the bus in his explanation to Bill Maher, but he played it off well. I think that maybe Bill Maher asked this question on purpose to see if Nas would throw Jay Z under the bus.

Above: Nas on the 20th anniversary of “Illmatic” (the interview and more). ‘Overtime’ segment after the jump.


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SXSW: Nas – “Illmatic” Performance (Video)

While down at the SXSW music fans were in for a special treat at the W Hotel for VEVO’s SXSW showcase featuring Nas performing his classic “Illmatic” album backed by DJ Premier & Pete Rock. Nas was also joined on stage by AZ & a host of other key figures in the creation of the timeless hip hop classic. More video from the performance under the hood…..
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Nas On ‘Halftime’ & ‘One Love’ (Video)

More video under the hood below….
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Elzhi – ‘Detroit State Of Mind’

Elzhi has dropped the first track from his long awaited “Elmatic” project. I’m digging this joint. Elzhi is taking on a project that others have tried to do before in recreating Nas’ best work so we will see if he can pull it off. May 10th