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2019 SDCC Teasers For All The DC Series, Including One For The Final Season Of “Arrow” (Series Trailers)

Now you know that San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) was loaded down with trailers; all the trailers anyone could watch. Maybe more than anyone could stand. But now that I found this epic batch of DC streaming/TV teasers, what I cannot stand is the waiting!

(Of course, I could add an Epix subscription to my cable package and get started watching that “Pennyworth” series. Hmmm…)

If you’ve missed or want to rewatch all the DC TV trailers from Comic-Con 2019, you can catch up here with this compilation of everything. Trailers include The Flash Season 6, Supergirl Season 5, Arrow’s Final Season, Black Lightning Season 3, the Batwoman series premiere, the upcoming Harley Quinn series starring Kaley Cuoco, Krypton Season 2’s origin story of iconic Superman villain Doomsday, and the new Alfred Pennyworth series coming soon.
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DC’s Four-Part Crossover Series: Watch “Heroes Vs. Aliens” Now! (Video)

Dude. Dude… DUDE! Listen! Okay, above is the trailer for “Heroes Vs. Villains” the SUPER-crossover DC event that aired this week on The CW. Supergirl + The Flash + [Green] Arrow + DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow. If you missed it, you gotta watch: There were evil aliens, friendly-fire-between-frienemies, time travel plot twists, space battles, epic hero vs. villain team clashes, and MORE!

If you have not gotten into any of the DC shows individually, this four-shot is the sure-shot to hook you. Trust! Click below and watch NOW (catch the episodes On Demand on your cable provider’s service)!



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Supergirl (Series Trailer)

Add another comic-brought-to-life to your channel-surfing agenda. CBS has green-lit the “Supergirl” television series for this Fall. DC Comics character Supergirl is Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El. On the show she’ll be challenged mastering her superhuman abilities and navigating the day-to-day world. Not too groundbreaking in that regard, but looking at the 6+ minute trailer above, CBS is sinking major chips into the hero party. So there better be a huge crowd (e.g. TV audience) tuning in to see the show. Heard good things about the other comic-based shows – The Flash and [Green] Arrow on The CW, even Daredevil on Netflix. However, Supergirl has to be much bigger; (at least) be on par with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – on rival major broadcast network ABC. We will see. But for now… see the trailer.

(And before someone brings up Gotham on Fox… Sure, it’s based on DC’s Batman; but that’s a pre-Batman story. Doesn’t count yet.)

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