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2019 SDCC Teasers For All The DC Series, Including One For The Final Season Of “Arrow” (Series Trailers)

Now you know that San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) was loaded down with trailers; all the trailers anyone could watch. Maybe more than anyone could stand. But now that I found this epic batch of DC streaming/TV teasers, what I cannot stand is the waiting!

(Of course, I could add an Epix subscription to my cable package and get started watching that “Pennyworth” series. Hmmm…)

If you’ve missed or want to rewatch all the DC TV trailers from Comic-Con 2019, you can catch up here with this compilation of everything. Trailers include The Flash Season 6, Supergirl Season 5, Arrow’s Final Season, Black Lightning Season 3, the Batwoman series premiere, the upcoming Harley Quinn series starring Kaley Cuoco, Krypton Season 2’s origin story of iconic Superman villain Doomsday, and the new Alfred Pennyworth series coming soon.
– TV Promos


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Comic-Con 2017 Debuted An Extended Official Trailer For “The Gifted” (Video)

Ought to categorize this under MMM, Mutants Making Money! We know Logan and X-Men movies do well at box office cash registers, but will mutants help Fox TV sell cereal and soap? Oh, you can count on it.

As an (intended, or not) counterweight to its DC-based pre-Batman “Gotham” series, the network is now set to give us another hero genre series, but from the Marvel side this time, “The Gifted.” We posted a trailer on here earlier, but this was the one folks saw at this year’s San Diego Comic Con… where sci-fi and fantasy shows always go bigger and better with the teasers.


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Watch The “Fear The Walking Dead” Season 3 Trailer Shown At SDCC 2017 (Trailer)

If you have not been keeping up with “Fear The Walking Dead” (or worse yet, have not gotten into the series)… It is okay. You have time to binge before it starts back up again. Get with your cable provider and get into the On Demand section. Watch some excellent zombie-genre television.

Now, that is my opinion and plea for you. But watch what the pros teased and lured San Diego Comic Con attendees with this year. Dope right?

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Watch The Full Comic-Con “Justice League” Sneak Peek Teaser (Trailer)

Oh snap! I just caught something around 1:30… before dude said “no Kryptonians”… he said “no LANTERNS!” Think they might try to make up for that Green Lantern goof-up a few flops back? Maybe.

Or maybe let The CW add it to their #DareToDefy line-up. The John Stewart kick-azz Marine Green Lantern (who dated Vixen, another #DareToDefy character on DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow already, on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon series back in the day). And maybe that story ties into the new Black Lightning series arc. Just an awesome idea.

Okay, so above is the 4+ minute trailer folks saw at SDCC for the upcoming “Justice League” movie. Here’s to hoping that the best part of this thing ain’t the trailers… again.


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Season 4 Of ‘Gotham’ Premieres Thursday, September 28th, On FOX (Series Trailer)

I’m a Marvel head for the most part, but The CW network’s lineup of DC hero shows AND this FOX series “Gotham” have me looking at DC on TV regularly. Season 3 ended with the young Bruce Wayne character getting into his eventual Batman-like crime combatting business (by giving a couple of thugs the business on the season finale). Here’s the network teaser trailer for the upcoming season.

Looks dope!


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Marvel Comics Universe Featurette: Chadwick Boseman As T’Challa AKA Black Panther (Video)

See? See how EVERYBODY… including the cast of the movie… had been waiting on Black Panther to join the Marvel Comics Universe on screen??? C’mon, Hollywood. Sure took ya long enough. But now we’re here. Great featurette above on Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa / Black Panther.

The cast and crew reveal the importance of Black Panther’s role in a featurette for Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War,” available on Digital HD September 2 and on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, Digital SD and VOD September 13!

More video, from Boseman at Comic-Con, after the jump.

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Wonder Woman (Comic-Con Trailer)

The official Comic-Con trailer for “Wonder Woman”, starring Gal Gadot, got dropped on nerds’ heads recently. Kinda reserved about it so far. “Batman vs. Superman” left some room for turning up for DC. But will “Suicide Squad” leave viewers like ‘WOW, great spinoff!’ or ‘Mehhh… rather see the Justice League flick’? Time will tell, but the trailer checks all the boxes for a comic book action hero war period piece that “Captain America: The First Avenger” did. So, can’t hate on DC for not trying hard.

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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (Comic-Con Trailer)

Attendees of this year’s Comic-Con got a first look at the trailer for “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” (in theaters 2017). Charlie Hunnam stars as Arthur; a less noble, more grimy version. Looks like the timeframe of the film’s setting is a bit more modern than other tellings of the story, too, but you still get the armor clanging, sword in stone, knight fighting and all of that.

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Justice League (Special Comic-Con Trailer)

Stop right there. I’m in!
I need friends.

Agreed, Barry. We all need friends, even Arthur Curry. Haa! Another super-powered trailer tailor-made for Comic-Con. Looks like they are going with the bad azz Aqua-Man for this incarnation of “Justice League.” Big screen, big action. Not sure it ought to be Batman out there doing the ‘recruiting’ but this trailer still manages to tease a movie that looks like it has merit. Take a look.

If you like it, you only have to wait over a year for it to hit theaters in November 2017.

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Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice (Comic-Con Trailer)

Yep, 2016 is looking good already… at least if you ask folks who saw this “Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice” at Comic-Con. Check it out! And was that supposed to be Wonder Woman in there? Yeah, looking good so far for this DC superhero blockbuster set to hit movie theaters in 2016.


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Behind-The-Scenes: Stars Wars: The Force Awakens (Video)

Whew! You’ll probably get goose pimples just from watching this behind-the-scenes footage for the latest Star Wars franchise movie – Star Wars:The Force Awakens. Gracious!

Fans at San Diego Comic-Con’s Hall H were treated to a special look behind the scenes of Star Wars:The Force Awakens by director J.J. Abrams, producer and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy and writer Lawrence Kasdan.


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Interstellar (Trailer)

Murphy’s Law doesn’t mean something bad will happen. It means whatever can happen will happen.

A sci-fi movie trailer teased by the man who brought The Dark Knight (Christopher Nolan) himself, at a Comic Con that had already teased a new  ‘Batman’ in a movie… yeah, that happened. But this November. Woooo! “Interstellar” travel will be here (in theaters)! The trailer is awesome. The casting looks spot on to tell the epic tale it teases. Prediction: Extreme dopeness ahead! Had to load this post with so many snaps after the jump. So much visual excellence. Watch above.

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Mad Max: Fury Road (Trailer)

Yooooooo! A lot of cinematic heat to warm the hearts and nether regions of every geek got leaked at this year’s Comic Con. Not the least of anticipated releases, “Mad Max: Fury Road” (yeah, the 20th century post-apocalyptic action thriller gets the 21st century treatment). Check that out above. And, if you’re a greedy-greedy (geek haha!)… get a lot more leakage and on-site insight from the linked site below.


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New Wolverine Movie Gets A Villain

Hugh Jackman mentioned during his presser at Comic Con that the next Wolverine flick has a script and is based on the Chris Claremont and Frank Miller limited series from 1982 in which Wolverine battles with The Silver Samurai. I didnt dig the first Wolverine too tough but I’m down for a new movie. Hope this one comes out a little better
Pics of the Samurai to jog your memory after the jump
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