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These High Tech Tattoos Can Conduct Electricity (Video)

Yoooo! So now we can join the “Justice League” as a Cyborg without all the getting mangled in a near-life-ending accident and being put back together by a dad mad cyber-scientist? Could be cool…

The newest activity tracking device may not even be a device. Austin-based software design firm Chaotic Moon Studios has created a concept prototype for tech tattoos, a circuit that you can wear on the surface of your skin. The components are attached with conductive paint, and can monitor health and activity stats, authorize charges for purchases and many other potential applications.

Yeah, while I’m not a tat guy, some folks who are might get into this. And that Justice League thing… I might go with being a Six-Million Dollar Man or one of the Bionic Six (Google/YouTube it, old school rules).


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Eye Candy: Aidan Nycole (Video)

Gorgeous! Oh my damn. Look at this living art. Aidan Nycole is muse and masterpiece in this piece. Sexy and sooo thick, of course; but tell me you are seeing the perfect eyes and teeth!

Well, I can tell you that if you want more Aidan Nycole in your life, you can follow @Aidan.Nycole on Instagram.


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Sean Falyon Details His Life In His Tattoos (Video)

Atlanta via Philly representer Sean Falyon recently discussed the significance of the tattoos on his body. Not surprisingly Sean explains that he has to have something that means something if it’s going to be a part of his appearance.

Tattoo Time With Mike Tyson (Video)

Mike Tyson shows up on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show & goes in on some some of the tattoos of a few NBA players including Kobe Bryant’s wack ass tattoo….