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Yeezus: A Fan-Made Tour Film (Video)

How incredible is this?!?!? A fan-made video (uploaded by John Colandra) that takes the full essence and power of all the concert performances of the “Yeezus” Tour and put it into a two-hour compilation film! It’s like one seamless show with Kendrick Lamar as the opener. If you are Kanye West, you should watch and be amazed… maybe even shed a tear over the love you are getting from a fan like this. If you are not Kanye, hell you might shed a tear, too. Beautiful work!

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Classic Clips: 19-Year Old Kanye West Holding His Own In A Cypher Back In The Day at Fat Beats NYC (Video)

Yeezy as a teen on a track running wild on it… and if you owe him money betta find that sh— hahahaaa! Talk about nostalgia. Hip-Hop’s self-proclaimed savior rocking the mic in a cypher at Fat Beats (NYC) back in the day. Not bad, not bad. Watch for yourself.

UPDATE: Kanye West, Al Tariq, Butter Lee & Black Attack @ Fat Beats Aug 96 (Extended Clip)

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Yeezus (Film Trailer)

What’s bigger than Kanye West to Hip-Hop? Try a movie about the Hip-Hop phenom. This is the trailer for the upcoming Yeezus movie directed by Hype Williams. Check it out.

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Kanye West – “Bound 2” feat. Charlie Wilson (Video)

Okay, you know we’ve had a couple of posts of video of Kanye West and Charlie Wilson doing “Bound 2” … but see, this ish roight here ninjaaaaa… is the official music video. Without further ado… WATCH!

A definitive banger from the “Yeezus” album… and… Yooo! Is that his fiance Kim Kardashian straddling Yeezy on the bike? TOPLESS? Unh hunh HONEY!


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Kanye West Explains The True Musical Direction Of ‘Yeezus’ on BBC Radio With Zane Lowe (Video)

There’s some people who I’ve heard say that Kanye West’s new album ‘Yeezus’ was not very good, but often times I find the people making that assessment ONLY listen to rap & suffer from having a very limited worldview & musical palette. I have friends here in the states & overseas who love the Yeezus’ album’s alternative & experimental musical direction. I dig the record but it’s important for me to note that I don’t listen to it with a hip hop enthusiast’s ear.  Great artists are supposed to go against the grain of what everyone else is doing no matter if the final critiques are good or bad.  Needless to say I was not surprised to hear BBC Radio host Zane Lowe rave about the album to Kanye in this in-depth interview as well. From many people I know around the world the ‘Yeezus’ album is very popular because it’s not a modern day rap album musically.  The album strays from the typical ‘trap sound’ permeating commercial radio airwaves in the states & sticks out within Kanye’s own catalog.  Check out the video above as this is just part 1 of a 4 part interview. More videos below…


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Kanye West – “New Slaves” (LAKIM Rework)


This LAKIM rework of Kanye West’s “New Slaves” takes a beat direction that is closer to the ominous feel of Ye’s “Clique” track. Check it out. Here’s a FREE download for you, too.