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Will Smith Speaks On Getting Back To Making Music, His Family, and Upcoming Tour With DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

Ten years since Will Smith has been making music. Yep, sounds about right. Been busy with other stuff – being a spouse, a dad, a box office BEAST. But now, we get new music from the vet, Willy From Philly (yeah, that name just happened).

Watch above as Will talks about what he has learned from his kids – going after life with reckless abandon and NO FEAR of failure! And there is that “Suicide Squad” movie and a forthcoming reunion tour with DJ Jazzy Jeff next Summer…talking about that, too.

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Kanye West Speaks On New Album, Drake, Paul McCartney, Having More Children & Fashion with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe (Video)

Kanye cracks me up when his vocal inflections in interviews keep changing up. It’s like people who use a certain voice when they are working in a corporate environment as compared to how they REALLY speak when they are off work, the tie is off, & they get around your boys talking sh*t. Hahaaaa! Check out another interesting interview of Kanye with BBC 1 Radio’s Zane Lowe as the Chicago icon discusses everything from the possibility of having more kids, the direction of his new album, dealing with the fashion industry, giving props to Drake & more. He also breaks down in tears when discussing his friend in the fashion industry that passed.

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Kanye West Explains The True Musical Direction Of ‘Yeezus’ on BBC Radio With Zane Lowe (Video)

There’s some people who I’ve heard say that Kanye West’s new album ‘Yeezus’ was not very good, but often times I find the people making that assessment ONLY listen to rap & suffer from having a very limited worldview & musical palette. I have friends here in the states & overseas who love the Yeezus’ album’s alternative & experimental musical direction. I dig the record but it’s important for me to note that I don’t listen to it with a hip hop enthusiast’s ear.  Great artists are supposed to go against the grain of what everyone else is doing no matter if the final critiques are good or bad.  Needless to say I was not surprised to hear BBC Radio host Zane Lowe rave about the album to Kanye in this in-depth interview as well. From many people I know around the world the ‘Yeezus’ album is very popular because it’s not a modern day rap album musically.  The album strays from the typical ‘trap sound’ permeating commercial radio airwaves in the states & sticks out within Kanye’s own catalog.  Check out the video above as this is just part 1 of a 4 part interview. More videos below…


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