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Cassidy – “Coronavirus” (Freestyle) [Video]

Just remember that COVID only 19. It ain’t grown yet #BARZ

So. We know what Cass Larsiny is doing to make it through the Coronaviral Era we are in. Shiiiid… what he has ALWAYS done: Bless us with his blessed fire BARZ!! Fire spit is the holy water! Man, these artists are out here put that good work out there #Salute #NoBeerRuns #NoWorries #CassidysBarzStillOpen

Cassidy aka Da Hustla steps up to the plate to rap about the number one topic in the world … the Coronavirus/Covid-19.

Peep game as Cass lines this sh!t up.

Follow Cassidy @cassidy_larsiny

– PaperChaserDotCom

Dear other rappers: Feed us more information bars ASAP! All we picked up from the grocer is bread and milk. And we are tired of French toast. We need that nourishment… information, insight… Come on y’all. Dig deep and serve your people. The Nation is hungry for KNOWLEDGE, delivered with SKILL. Like the man said: Now that the clubs are closed down, it’s time to bar it up!! #RealHipHopPlease


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Drag-On – “Part 33” (Freestyle) [Video]

See y’all niggas hope y’all can. I know I can!

Look. I know good and well I am a Drag-On fan. But I also know what he means when he draws his hand back from folks who try to shake it now that he’s got things moving and shaking… Sir/madam, Drag ain’t gone give you no kinds of handshake. After all, what chance did you take to get him to this point? Were you in the fight with him, or were you just rooting for him (if that) outside the ring… like a fan?


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Showly – “Money Power Respect” Freestyle (Video)

…You don’t wanna see my jawn drawn like a Philly whore!.

That’s how that Showly flow will do you. Hit you in the noggin with bar after bar until feel them. Then when the onslaught is over, you are compelled to hit replay and let the bars bop you in the head again just as hard. No wonder you got that headache! You’ll be a’ight though. It’s Hip-Hop!

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Fabolous | The L.A. Leakers | Freestyle #102 (Video)

You can’t have a freestyle series without Fabolous stepping up and spitting some bars.

Absolute FACT!!! And The Leakers got Fab to fall through for #102 in the series. Short and sweet, but still HEAT. Hot sauce bars!

#Fabolous stops by the Liftoff show with the L.A Leakers Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk. Fab Freestyles over Nas’ “Black Republican” for freestyle 102
– Power 106 Los Angeles


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Jadakiss | The L.A. Leakers | Freestyle #101 (Video)

Before you play your part, you gotta read your lines first.


VENOMMMMMM is getting spit into that mic! And J got right to it. Very little prelim talk, and when the Nate Dogg beat dropped, Jadakiss ROCKED #TheyGottaKnowIt


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4-IZE – “Verse 164” (Prod. By Mudnoc) [Video]

You know what? 4-IZE has a point: Where are all the flying cars?? We haven’t even gotten self-driving cars out and about yet. We are behind schedule with the sci-fi tech we are supposed to have by now. Good thing we got these unbelievable flows (but believe, because FACTS) from Bro4 though.


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Conway The Machine x Rick Hyde | Freestyle | Bootleg Kev x DJ Hed (2019) [Video]

Okay, gimme a late pass on this one… Found a gem with Conway and ‘Pretty Ricky’ Hyde falling through and leaving some work at the station. Check it out!


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Eto x Jai Black – “Bad Publicity” (Freestyle) [Prod. By Nottz]

The real shooter is the one shooting back.


You know how you can even feel when real spitters get in their stance before they start rapping… before the barz start flowing?? Well, if you don’t pay attention from the tippy top of this hot shot. You can feel that the rap is gonna be top choice as the beat is building (banging beat all by itself, by the way)… then “yeah, unh-unh-unh, give ’em some”… and they DO!

Respek on the names Eto, Jai Black, and super producer Nottz for this “Bad Publicity” work!


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Barra x Barra: Cmdi x Philaso – “Freestyle 003&4” (Video)

F**k all that label talk. I ain’t into that corporate stuff.

Damn right! Woosaah!! I needed this HEAT on a chilly (sorta, I’m in the ATL, so it’s chilly around 70 degrees or less to me, HA!) day. Do this for The Nation and Hip-Hop worldwide. BARZ! This kinda fire can be spoken in any language anywhere and you will feel it! Salute to Philaso and CMDI!

Barra ❌ Barra – Aqui estan los freestyle mas duros y picantes de la ciudad de NYC, Producido por ODS Music Beatz. Cada 15 dia saldra un freestyle nuevo para la primera temporada.

[Per Google Translate]
Bar ❌ Bar – Here are the toughest and spiciest freestyle in the city of NYC, Produced by ODS Music Beatz.
Every 15 days a new freestyle will be released for the first season.


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4-IZE – “Verse 169” (Prod. By GodBlessBeatz) [Video]

Ultra Beast is in the house like an introvert.

Hells yeah! Nerd rap! I love it. Good reminder in here about that banging 4-IZE & Señor Kaos album – Ultra Beast: “United” – being out on all streaming platforms and on #DOPE



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4-IZE – “Verse 168” (Prod. By D.R.U.G.S Beats) [Video]

4-IZE, 4-IZE, 4-IZE came in, when the D.R.U.G.S Beats music hit, and everybody’s faces looked CRAZY! All scrunched up when the beat dropped already; but then Bro4 started SNAPPING on it… Woooo! It got FRESH CHITLIN’ FUNKY in that car ASAP! Please believe. Better yet, please watch!


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Royce Da 5’9 | The L.A. Leakers | Freestyle #100 (Video)

It’ll take me nothing to put your life on the Dollar Menu, like Egg McMuffin.

Doing anything 100 times is work. One hundred episodes of any show is a big deal for any series. The L.A. Leakers series notwithstanding; and they figured out how to make this even more special… bigger… by bring in someone to bring in the BARZ and keep it 100 on episode 100. So here we go.. Royce Da 5’9!

– @ojones1

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D Smoke – “2020 Sway In The Morning Freestyle” (Video)

Dude. Seriously. I gotta learn some Espanol so I can flex on folks and stun ’em! You see how G’d the OG Alfonso Ribeiro was when D Smoke hit him with the smoke… Then, just when he thought the ride was over… Smoke hit the gas and stunted! Popped a wheelie by popping off barz in Spanish to fully rep Inglewood. D Smoke = HYEEEENAAAAA!!! #FiveFingersOfDeath

(And yeah, I said Alfonso Ribeiro is an OG… Dude was pop-locking when Michael was moon-walking… recognize he was break-dancing before he was Carlton dancing!)


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Reese Bangem – “Rapped Out Freestyle” (Prod. By Ego Cruz) [Video]

N!gga shooting with the same finger that he ratting with…

Know that I stick around on the streams long enough to see what comes up next. Like this banger by Philly’s own Reese Bangem. Ad money well spent sir! Due to what I heard, and this Freestyle, I am now a subscriber (plus I hit the bell) AND a blogger who posted your sh!t. Respek on the name Reese Bangem!


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Kore – “Everything Remains Raw” (Freestyle)

It’s Kore muthaf**ker!

That “Everything Remains Raw” beat that Bussa Buss blessed back in the day… it was made for cypher rhyming. No arguments on this will be heard. The matter has been closed since I saw dudes freestyling to it while we were waiting for Biggie to take the stage over at The UA back in the mid-90s. Yeah, UA like The University Of Alabama. This beat had the barz flowing where The Tide be rolling!

And now, Kore puts himself to the oral test on it. Salute!

Kore (of EMS) presents an unreleased freestyle over the Busta Rhymes instrumental “Everything Remains Raw.” Hope you enjoy it y’all.


4-IZE – “Verse 167” (Prod. By Dame Grease) [Video]


I should have gotten this up as soon as 4-IZE put this out. Listen and you’ll get it. I mean, the bite is still hard in this. But the pain would have hit even harder and even more different then. So RAW!

🎧 “We’ll Always Love Black Mamba” (produced by @DameGrease129)


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Lady London – “2020 Sway In The Morning Freestyle” (Video)

I’m serial with the checks!

And that quick quote was the ‘nicest’ of the tame rhymes from Lady London. Most of it was NOT nice, but hella nice! And when I say ‘nice’ I mean skill-wise. Because the bars are BARZ, no doubt. But the BARZ are hella GREASY fam! She looks and speaks so sweetly, but that mouth though… TREACHEROUS! #WhatThemBarsDoTho

Lady London stopped by Sway In The Morning and dropped off some bars!

Y’all better pay this serial KILLER. This lyrical ASSASSIN!!


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D Smoke | The L.A. Leakers | Freestyle #097 (Video)

Cutting Medicare while the veterans coughing.
Finding employment is like finding a Laker in Boston.

Anybody hating on D Smoke and these woke barz… especially when he flips bilingual in the last half… must stay madder than Yosemite Sam at Bugs Bunny for living. C’mon haters. You funny for the hate, and I’m laughing at you like ahaaa! Now, hush that fuss!


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Young M.A. Is “Herstory In The Making” (Live) [Video]

Y’all know Young M.A has been a citizen AND a HYENAAAAAA in the Universe! And for those who don’t know (and maybe don’t wanna say)… y’all gone LEARN today! Performing songs from “Herstory In The Making” the album #BARZ #BANGERS #BROOKLYN

“Herstory” is out now!


– @ojones1

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Dr. Oz Advocates For Medical Reform & Medical Marijuana (Video)

Not so low key, I have a cousin that knows Dr. Oz. Personally. Been on his show a few times. So, if you find yourself at Grady Memorial in the A-T-L and Dr. Kimberly Manning (megaton name bomb drop…BOOOOOOM!) is at work, you can tell her that you read her cousin’s blog posts DAILY (you do, of course)!

Dr. Oz stopped by Sway In The Morning to talk about 11 years of his show.

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