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Pharrell Williams Talks Praises Kaytranada’s Signature Sound And More (Video)

Pharrell Williams and Scott Vener in the OTHERtone studio with Kaytranada. Appreciation from your peers, even as a producer, is one thing. But props from Pharrell… commendable, noteworthy, epic!

At first, Pharrell had trouble describing Kaytranada’s music and its consistent effect on the listener; then he settled on ‘signature sound’ as a descriptor. Nice.

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Pharrell And Others Talk Virginia, Influences, Memories And More (Video)

Beats 1 and OTHERtone studio was loaded down with the Down South: Pusha T, D.R.A.M. and Fam-Lay. And, hey, Pharrell Williams. It doesn’t get much more VA than that player.

Pharrell Williams and Scott Vener in the OTHERtone studio with Pusha T, D.R.A.M. and Fam-Lay. Tune in on Beats 1 every other Sunday at 12PM PT / 3PM ET.

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Do Lyrics Still Matter? Is It All About The Beat? The State Of Hip-Hop Addressed By Flying Lotus And Pharrell Williams (Video)

Interesting esoteric insights provided by practitioners who have floated along the edges, and into and throughout Hip-Hop music.

Flying Lotus and Pharrell Williams with real talk for Scott Vener. So how is Hip-Hop doing on the whole? Are the beats dominating while lyricism lacks? That’s what every generation of Hip-Hop, or music in general, says (e.g. it’s not as good as it once was) vs. real is real and this ain’t it… Several angles of commentary on the state of Hip-Hop covered.

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LL Cool J – “The Pharmacy” With Dr. Dre (Video)

Anybody who was not hollering by the time Uncle L wrapped that clip above with, “And you know I can’t live without my [Beats 1] RADIO,” go sit in the corner! Wait, come back. Just play it again, and act like you are supposed to act when you get LL going back to Cali to do do work with the West Coast’s most prolific producer: Act like you are losing your damned mind… Sick in the head. See a snip of LL Cool J’s visit with the Dr. Dre above.

The FULL show audio is below.

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Will Smith Speaks On Getting Back To Making Music, His Family, and Upcoming Tour With DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

Ten years since Will Smith has been making music. Yep, sounds about right. Been busy with other stuff – being a spouse, a dad, a box office BEAST. But now, we get new music from the vet, Willy From Philly (yeah, that name just happened).

Watch above as Will talks about what he has learned from his kids – going after life with reckless abandon and NO FEAR of failure! And there is that “Suicide Squad” movie and a forthcoming reunion tour with DJ Jazzy Jeff next Summer…talking about that, too.

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Rapsody Drops “Lost Ones” Freestyle On Dr. Dre’s Beats 1 Radio Show (Video)

So official! You see and hear it above. Rapsody in the studio with Dr. Dre, who declares her his “new favorite female MC. Check for her!” Maaaan, if 9th Wonder (with Jamla) has your back AND Dr. Dre is giving you massive respect (no fronting)… you got both coasts locked down! You have the game on SMASH harder than The Hulk. So shiiid, there is nothing left but to listen to Rapsody turn green (literarily) and go BEAST MODE; emceeing over one of the BEAST MODE tracks (Lauryn Hill’s “Lost Ones”) ever!! Listen.



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