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Angela Rye Speaks On Why The Coming Midterm Elections Matter And Kanye Being Down With Trump (Video)

The mid-terms are coming up, and you may even have ‘early voting’ going on in your community right now. I’m not going to try to guilt you into anything, but you REALLY ought to vote this go ’round… the local representation is where it’s at. There are no ‘electoral college’ counts; your vote helps chose DIRECTLY – Congress, Governors, local offices, ordinances and amendments are all chosen by your vote.

See? If you did not vote in 2016 and you let President Trump happen… we’re not harping on that anymore. It’s done. And the insanity that the President and Senate just put on the U.S. Supreme Court… that was a ‘done deal’ back in 2016 when Trump won. Your action or lack thereof in 2016 affected 2018 politics which affected your LIFE; if the ‘right to choose’ for your body and yours & your children’s schooling means anything. Cavanaugh is the swing vote on those issues coming before the Supreme Court for the rest of his LIFE!

Okay, okay. I will stop and get down off my soapbox. Just VOTE DAMMIT!

Maybe you will listen to fine as wine and woke af activist Angela Rye tell you why.


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