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Dr. Umar Johnson Speaks On Racism & Economics Holding Back Black People Worldwide And More (Video)

Wow! China is not treating Brothers and Sisters well. Let’s start there Dr. Johnson. And Angela Yee’s dad is of Chinese descent. Wowwww. Check out Dr. Umar Johnson speaking on folks getting over on Black people across the globe and more above.

But before you go blaming it all on ‘them’… keep watching, because we have and can play a part in our condition. We have to stop looking to ‘outside investment’ or President Trump (or Obama) or anyone other than us to lift us up!

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Tiffany Haddish Speaks On Her Movie “Girls Trip,” Her Harrowing Life Journey And More (Video)

You know, I have considered comedian and actor Tiffany Haddish a wonderful combination of Honey (Eye Candy) and hilarity for the longest time. Been checking for her – and watching her grow a noteworthy career since the Def Comedy Jam days. She’s popped up in plenty of spots with a hot mic and a chuckling crowd – Starz (Martin Lawrence’s 1st Amendment Stand Up), Comedy Central shows and more.

Tiffany Haddish speaks on “Girls Trip,” escaping death, raising her siblings & more.
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Cute. Funny. Definitely both. But her life story. I mean… she tells it in a ‘cute & funny’ way over the course of the interview embedded above… but the only word I have for Tiffany’s story for real… WOW. Watch.


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Hasan Minhaj Speaks On America’s Fear Of Muslims, Freedom Of Speech, Bill Maher And More (Video)

Aw damn. Almost forgot about President Trump’s links to pro wrestling. Hasan Minhaj talks a bit about The Donald (not much left to say after that White House roast he did), his refusal to use the N-word (even though he’s been called a ‘sand N-word’) and more.

Gotta say, Minhaj has got a lot on the ball to be just 31 years of age. Great interview.


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Ludacris And Tyrese Speak On Recent Media Controversies, The Latest ‘Fast & Furious’ Movie And More (Video)

Ha! Pepsi AND Bill O’Reilly are both under fire, and they both dissed the sh!t out of Ludacris back in the day. Now Luda is doing pretty damn good… and they are NOT! Ohhhhh, success is the BEST revenge!

Tyrese & Ludacris keep it all the way 100 in The Breakfast Club studio, talk new music, “Fate of the Furious” & More.

And coming for Tyrese about weave, fake butts and such is not the best move. His rebuttal game is on point. Maybe don’t hate on a dude solely for expressing opinions and living life. He is not your boyfriend, nor is he feeding you or your fam.

(But they are gonna go all the way up to a 10th ‘Fast & Furious’ movie though? Whoa.)

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The Punany Poets Push Spiritual Sex and HIV/Aids Awareness (Video)

Hahaa! You know, a touchless orgasm sounds like a great idea… until you get C Tha God hopping chairs to lay prone on the floor like ol’ gal was about to saddle up right there on The Breakfast Club morning show. Watch the shenanigans as the Power 105 morning crew welcomes The Punany Poets.

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T.I. Speaks On The Donald, The Family, ‘The Family Hustle’ And More (Video)

T.I. has always been a good interview; more so more recently. Frank talk with the right touches of swag… plus a word of the week! Learn something from listening to Tip talking about the possibilites for continuing ‘The Family Hustle’ (and NOT about the goings on with him and his wife Tiny), his socio-political activities and album, and more.


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